What is a modular wall?

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  • 21 May 2020

Whether you’ve heard about modular walls before or had no idea they even existed until now, ModularWalls have been transforming the Australian fencing market for two decades.

Find out everything there is to know about modular walls and why they are the premium choice in fencing solutions.

A modular wall at dusk next to an inviting pool

So, what exactly is a modular wall?

A modular wall (in the outdoor world) is a free-standing wall system comprising different parts or modules that slot together to form one solid structure.

In fact, we invented the modular wall in 2002 when the local Council advised our founder, Nick Holden, that he wasn’t allowed to build a brick wall in his front yard. Nick was determined to find a suitable solution. So, using the power of modular technology, Nick created a product that followed the simple post-and-rail fence system, emulating the look of a rendered brick wall. The result was Australia’s first modular wall.

ModularWalls proudly designs and manufactures Australia’s original and best modular walls and is trusted by some of Australia’s most prominent corporate clients, Government departments and thousands of homeowners.

There are endless options to customise your modular wall.

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How do modular walls compare to other fence types?

ModularWalls bridged the gap between traditional fencing (metal and timber) and brick walls. Before their invention, homeowners could choose between a sturdy brick wall or a more affordable fence that didn’t offer much in terms of aesthetics or performance.

However, when you put modular walls in the mix, you suddenly have access to a premium fencing type without the installation time of rendered brick.

ModularWalls combines typical fence systems’ quick and easy installation with the aesthetics, strength, and durability most commonly found in masonry.

‘ModularWalls was the only option we came across that provided the look of a rendered wall, was durable, easy to install and economical. They also had so many case studies of people making it look great, so we felt confident in the product,’ shares Gabrielle, a ModularWalls client. Check out her incredible project here.

SlimWall boundary wall

How much do ModularWalls cost?

Compared to other fence types, they’re typically more expensive than metal fencing but, in some cases, up to a quarter the price of rendered brick. To understand your project’s potential cost, head to our handy Price Estimate Calculator. Alternatively, contact a member of our friendly team on 1300 556 957.

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What are the different modules I can choose from?

As mentioned above, the walls are made of different modules to construct the fence.

Firstly, the two main modules are posts and panels. By choosing different combinations of these two modules, you can curate the aesthetic and customise your wall or fence. Choices for ModularWalls posts and panels include:


  • SlimWall® uses the slimmest posts for a sleek fence aesthetic, offering both Galvanised Steel or Aluminium options (for coastal or poolside applications)
  • TrendWall® uses a slightly more robust fence aluminium post, allowing you to achieve taller heights and hold thicker panels for additional sturdiness. (for coastal or poolside applications)
  • VogueWall® offers a masonry-like aesthetic, with posts that mirror a brick pier and provide heights up to 3m.
  • EstateWall® boasts our grandest posts yet – making it the perfect choice for bold front entrances, statement feature walls and boundary walls.
Modular walls are fast and easy to install


  • AcoustiMax® panels are our core panel choice for most ModularWalls fence and wall styles, and offers both acoustic and impact-resistant properties.
  • TerraFirm® retaining panels are perfect for earth-retaining projects. Choose between a standalone retaining wall or seamlessly integrate TerraFirm into our existing systems for a minimalist look. 

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Secondly, there are also smaller modules you can use to customise your wall further, including:

  • Post tops and wall capping: Flush creates a sleek, modern finish. Alternatively, the external option offers a traditional boxed finish, perfect for more ornate or Hamptons styles.
  • Joining profile: Choose an ‘Expressed Joint’ option to create a distinct design feature from the panel join lines. 
  • Pedestrian gate: Add a matching pedestrian gate for easy access. 
  • Letterbox: Integrate a ModularWalls letterbox for an integrated front wall design.
External post capping gives a Hamptons effect

Are modular walls a popular choice?

Since its inception in 2003, ModularWalls has experienced rapid growth in popularity, making quite a splash in the design world. ModularWalls has been used by the likes of Three Birds Renovations for their House 10House 11, House 13 and House 14 projects, Shaynna Blaze’s Country Home Rescue and The Designory’s Byron Bay villa, to name a few.

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What can you use modular walls for?

Modular walls offer a wide variety of applications. These include fencing, boundary walls, acoustic fencing, retaining walls and panels, feature walls, privacy screens, commercial noise barriers and acoustic enclosures.

Please note that ModularWalls’ walls and fences are not designed to be used within the building envelope but for outdoor use only.

One of the many uses of a modular wall is a privacy screen as you can see here

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Who can install a modular wall?

Absolutely anyone! You can choose between DIY Installation or Professional Installation:

DIY Installation

If you are good with DIY projects and have someone to help lift the panels, you can install a modular wall.

The process is incredibly simple to follow; you just:

  1. Dig the post holes.
  2. Concrete the posts into the ground.
  3. Slide the panels in.
  4. Finish as desired.

It just takes two people to install so that you can have a new fence in a single weekend (dependent on the length). If this interests you, find more detailed info on how to install a DIY modular wall here.

Professional Installation

However, if DIY isn’t for you, we can connect you with a Trade Partner. As experienced fence contractors, they will provide an initial no-obligation quote, design advice, order materials and complete the installation.

DnA of Design - EstateWall front wall

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Lastly, if you have further questions, please check out our extensive FAQs for more detailed information or contact our friendly team by calling 1300 556 957.

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