Design Trend – Expressed Joints

  • 4 minutes
  • 4 June 2020

Discover how you can add an architectural edge to ModularWalls with Expressed Joints and make your fence the feature of your outdoor space.

What is an Expressed Joint?

An ‘expressed joint’ is a pronounced join line to make a deliberate design feature.

Therefore, our Expressed Joint is an option we offer to create a feature for your wall or fence design. While some customers ask how to minimise the visibility of the panel join lines, we’re seeing increasing interest in creating linear structures and adding an architectural edge by expressing the joint, which yields genuinely stunning results.

Can I use Expressed Joints in any wall style?

Yes, you can. All of our wall styles can accommodate this stunning design feature. Please let your sales consultant or Trade Partner know, and they can include Expressed Joints in your quote.

Projects using Expressed Joints

Take inspiration from a few of our favourite Expressed Joint projects below.

Alisa & Lysandra’s Albert Park Reno

Making their design debut on The Block, Alisa & Lysandra broke out in 2018 and launched their renovation series, The Design Duo. For their first season, they transformed an Albert Park terrace with jaw-dropping results.

With a sharp eye for sophisticated design, Alisa & Lysandra framed their new courtyard with SlimWall, featuring Expressed Joints and finished in a dramatic coat of Monument by Dulux.  Watch the stunning courtyard transformation here.

SlimWall Fencing Chosen for Courtyard in Albert Park Reno in The Design Duo | ModularWalls

Weatherboard vibes in Palm Beach, QLD

This stunning coastal home was looking for a sophisticated front fence to frame the house. So the owners were thrilled to find a feature fence that carried on the linear aesthetic of the existing weatherboard cladding. Click to read more about this Palm Beach project, featuring fencing stretching along the boundaries and into the backyard.

SlimWall fence with expressed join perfectly complements weatherboard cladding | ModularWalls

DIY pool fence in Mountain Creek, QLD

“Once I found your product, we designed the whole backyard around it!”

An avid DIYer Peter wanted a vibrant pool oasis. He just wasn’t sure how, and then he found ModularWalls. Take a look at Peter’s creativity using our Expressed Joints within the SlimWall system.

Using a dark paint colour on the SlimWall fence makes the plants the feature

Subtle structure for Melbourne, NSW

For this sophisticated pool area, the Expressed Joint feature within our VogueWall system created an integral focal point and accentuated the straight lines of the pool coping and paving design. Click to view more of this pool feature wall.

VogueWall with Express Joints

Architectural edge for South Yarra, VIC

Our first-ever Expressed Joint feature project came about when two neighbours in South Yarra were after a fence replacement that negated the issue of someone stuck with the ‘bad side’ of the fence.

When they found SlimWall, they were blown away by the design versatility and instantly fell in love with the architectural edge of our Expressed Joints. In fact, the fence was far better than what they expected! Check out the case study for more images and project details.

SlimWall with express joints

A standout feature for Willeton, WA

“We love the Expressed Joints! We wanted the wall to be part of our backyard design, not just another boring wall. I think this is a standout feature! “

After completing her new pool build, the last thing Rachel wanted was a boring fence framing it all. So, when they found our modular fencing and Expressed Joints, they knew they’d found the perfect element to make it ‘pop.’ Read our full interview with Rachel to find out about her backyard transformation.

TrendWall Express Joints

Striking pool fence for Melbourne, VIC

Last but without a doubt, not least. This feature fence in Melbourne boasts a range of design elements, including integrated wall lightsmodular pedestrian gates, alternating colour schemes and Expressed Joints. Dive into the detailed case study to explore the creative genius behind this stunning design.

Design Trend - Express Joints

Overall, Expressed Joints are a design element that can create a standout feature for your ModularWalls, whether installing a pool feature wall, front fence or boundary wall.