Expressed Joint creates striking pool wall

  • 2 minutes
  • 16 March 2020

We believe in design as self-expression; a sentiment evidently shared by this modern Melbourne home. With its vast design and applicational versatility, VogueWall provided the perfect blank canvas to create their striking pool feature wall; complete with a bold paint finish and our architectural expressed joint feature.

VogueWall with Expressed Joints

Masonry alternative for pool feature wall

Featuring solid, pier-like posts and smooth, cementitious panels, VogueWall delivers a versatile masonry alternative that has been a popular choice for those wanting to emulate the premium look of a rendered brick wall. Whilst visually similar to traditional masonry, it is far more lightweight, overcoming the usual weight restrictions along pool boundaries.

Furthermore, the construction of a modular wall system saves substantial time, costs and efficiency. They are installed in 4 easy steps (dig holes, concrete posts into ground, slide in panels, finish as desired) and negate the need for wide strip footings, extensive digging or cumbersome machinery. In addition, this saves ample construction time; in fact, one case study showed a whopping 75% reduction in install time, compared to rendered masonry. Subsequently, this can also deliver dramatic savings on labour costs!

VogueWall with Expressed Joints

Expressed joint feature

Some customers try to minimise the panel join line; however, our expressed joint option transforms it into an architectural feature. This design detail gave the pool feature wall a distinct lineal structure; a feature that created an integral focal point and accentuated the straight lines of the pool coping and paving design.

Combined with Flush post tops, Flush wall capping and dramatic paint choice, the final pool wall design was clean, sharp and highly contemporary.

VogueWall with Expressed Joints

Professional Installation option

With ModularWalls, customers can choose to either DIY Installation, or have them professionally installed by one of our skilled Trade Partners.

VogueWall with Expressed Joints

About VogueWall®

  • Customise with wall capping, post tops and expressed joint options.
  • Finish with exterior paint, textures, tiling or cladding.
  • Further customise with lighting & electrical cabling, letterboxes, gates, slats and decorative infills.
  • Average 20-25dB noise reduction.
  • Integrate TerraFirm retaining panels to retain up to 750mm.
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