Style and shelter: a Hamptons fence that delivers

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  • 20 July 2023

Introducing Keilor Farmhouse, a charming Hamptons-inspired farmhouse amidst the picturesque Maribyrnong River and rolling hills of Keilor, Victoria.

Owner Sabrina sought a Hamptons fence solution that would frame the backyard area amongst the rest of the property’s acreage, while still ensuring the safety and comfort of their beloved golden retriever, Buddy. 

The Hamptons fence needed to blend seamlessly with the home’s aesthetic, while providing stability and durability to withstand strong wind gusts from the gully below. The solution? EstateWall by ModularWalls. 


Design inspiration – delivering a Hamptons fence

During the renovation process, Sabrina drew inspiration from classic Hamptons designs. She came across the ModularWalls range and was drawn to the aesthetic grandeur and customisation options of the EstateWall. 

EstateWall providing security, privacy and comfort

Uncompromising wind resistance – enjoyment in any weather

Keilor Farmhouse sits atop a gully, exposing the property to frequent and strong winds. Sabrina selected ModularWalls for its strong wind resistance capabilities.*  The customisable nature of the EstateWall allowed Sabrina to design for controlled wind flow while framing the backyard. 

“Knowing that we had the wind rating of the ModularWalls was important to us. Up to 140km gusts can come up through the gully, but the fence hasn’t moved a millimetre.”Sabrina says, “To sit down in the pool area and enjoy with no wind at all is perfect. We’ve got all the protection we need, but still can enjoy the beautiful views and aspects we wanted.” 

Golden retriever enjoying the security provided by EstateWall

Safety, security and soundproofing: a Hamptons fence that delivers 

With plenty of space on their acreage, Keilor Farmhouse required a solution that defined and framed the backyard area. In addition, providing security and comfort for Buddy, Sabrina’s beloved golden retriever, was a key priority. Buddy needs space to roam freely and safely, and EstateWall gives Sabrina peace of mind for him to do that. Buddy is certainly enjoying his backyard haven.

The noise-reducing properties of ModularWalls were a bonus. By concealing the pool equipment behind the EstateWall, Sabrina and her family could enjoy time in the pool and backyard without being disturbed by the noise of the equipment. 

ModularWalls EstateWall providing the ultimate Hamptons fence aesthetic

Seamless integration, DIY Installation

During her research, Sabrina encountered several other fence systems but none offered a gate option. Another key aspect that sets ModularWalls apart is their ability to seamlessly blend the gates with the overall fence design, providing uninterrupted visual appeal. 

“The gates fit perfectly to the design, which was important for us. When all the gates are closed, you can’t even see that there is a gate there!” 

While they engaged a specialist for gate installation, Sabrina and her family found the overall Hamptons fence installation process a breeze. Thanks to the detailed installation guide and reliable on-call customer service provided by ModularWalls, they could handle the installation themselves. 

We had someone else come in to do the gate installation, but we could do the fence installation ourselves, which was awesome.Every part of it was seamless.” 

EstateWall provides the perfect Hamptons fence for charming renovation

Customisation – delivering your backyard’s full potential 

Sabrina took her backyard design to the next level through customisation and design flair. 

By painting the EstateWall in a fresh, bright white to exude the distinctive Hamptons touch and investing in lush landscaping, the backyard is an elegant outdoor space. Perfect for relaxing and entertaining. 

To extend the enjoyment beyond daylight hours, Sabrina installed lights into her design. Coupled with the wind-resistant benefits of the EstateWall, Sabrina can make the most of her outdoor space year-round. 

EstateWall in a crisp white delivers a Hamptons fence aesthetic

Hamptons fence: dramatic results, lasting satisfaction 

EstateWall delivers a Hamptons-inspired design flair while providing added benefits of wind resistance, security and peace of mind. Carefully curating her design has paid off, with Sabrina gaining much praise for the outcome. 

“For me, aesthetics was number one. We get comments all the time about how beautiful the wall looks.” 

In addition, the seamless gate integration, range of customisation options and ultimate ease of installation makes EstateWall the perfect choice for this serene farmhouse renovation. 

Hamptons fence providing security, peace of mind and wind resistance

Unmatched satisfaction with EstateWall 

Sabrina and her family couldn’t be happier with the ModularWalls EstateWall Hamptons fence. They’re already planning further enhancements to the property, with a ModularWalls front fence at the top of their list! Inspired by the ThreeBirds Renovations House 13, Sabrina is set on incorporating stone cladding to infuse a sense of Hamptons charm.   

*The maximum wind resistance capabilities for different wall types will be influenced by various factors, including maximum wall height, wind regions, soil conditions, topography and shielding. 


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