Oak and Orange Achieve Laid-Back Luxury with VogueWall

  • 6 minutes
  • 7 November 2023

Best friends and interior designers, Oak and Orange, are known for their jaw-dropping projects that keep getting better and better. This dynamic duo has designed, built and renovated over eight homes, often working closely with Better Built Homes (where their builder husbands serve as directors).  

Their most recent project, Dream Home 8, encapsulates the relaxed luxury of the Modern American Farmhouse.  Located in Sydney’s northwest in the budding Redbank housing estate, Oak and Orange set out to create a home that captured attention right from the façade through to an awe-inspiring finish throughout the home’s interior. 

Seeking a premium wall solution for the prominent corner block, they required an option that would provide security and privacy for the homeowner while also complementing the Modern American Farmhouse aesthetic they had designed for the facade. The solution was ModularWalls VogueWall®. 

Design brief: Defining the Modern American Farmhouse

The Modern American Farmhouse is at once striking, yet timeless. Drawing inspiration from the classic Midwest American barn, it was the ideal solution for the homeowner who sought an alternative to the popular Hamptons look.  

Working closely with the builder, Better Built Homes, Oak and Orange set out to design a Modern American Farmhouse that incorporated hallmarks of the American Barn style, including a gabled roof, a monochromatic colour palette and an interior filled with raw textures and considered furnishings.  

“The goal was to design an American Barn style home that grabbed attention from the exterior and continued that showstopping finish throughout the home.”  
Oak and Orange 

Oak and Orange created a striking modern american barn style home


Simplicity and Elegance for a corner block

Situated on a corner block, Dream Home 8 demanded a grand entrance from both front and side facades.  

 “We wanted to ensure both street frontages were impressive, and ModularWalls’ VogueWall® certainly helped us achieve a beautiful finish.” Oak and Orange 

ModularWalls’ VogueWall® played a crucial role in achieving this impressive finish, as the sophisticated, stately design perfectly complemented the elegant façade.  

“We chose ModularWalls’ VogueWall® because I like its simplicity and elegance. People love the VogueWall® and always ask who the supplier is.” Homeowner 


Security and visual privacy

An essential requirement for the boundary wall was to provide a sense of security and enhanced peace of mind. VogueWall® delivered – with the option to build to a height of 3m with a 75mm thick panel, the sense of privacy is immediate.  

ModularWalls is ideal for our boundary, as VogueWall® is sturdy and appealing. It’s provided privacy, peace of mind, and a sense of security.” Homeowner 

Plus, in addition to the aesthetic and privacy benefits, VogueWall® provides sound-reducing properties.  

“We love the acoustic privacy benefits helping minimise noise from the road, which is vital for a corner block.” Oak and Orange 

A striking, sophisticated boundary wall.

Elevated versatility, unlimited creativity

The versatility of ModularWalls’ VogueWall® shone through in the project. With VogueWall®, the options to curate the final result are endless – paint, render or finish VogueWall® to reflect your vision. Oak and Orange chose a crisp white for this project to complement the façade.  

Custom carriage-style garage doors create a grand first impression. Additionally, timber detailing applied to the gate provides flair, further illustrating the ultimate versatility of VogueWall® 

We were able to modify the gates to match the home. You can also add features to the fence, which can then match themes for whichever façade you choose.” Homeowner 

Custom timber detailing, installed to the gate following installation, adds serious design flair while remaining cohesive with the overall look.  

Installing minimalist, hardwearing lights into VogueWall® extends the functionality and enjoyment of the outdoor space. Additionally, external post tops and capping add a decorative element, adding to the rustic charm of the American Farmhouse.  

“It is a great-looking fence that would add value to any home and is so versatile. It could be used in many different styles of homes.” Oak and Orange 

Situated on a corner block, Dream Home 8 required an aesthetically pleasing boundary fence.

VogueWall® – high functionality, astronomical style

Every aspect of the home needed to be low-maintenance and durable to cater to the needs of the homeowners’ young family, and the boundary wall was no exception. Furthermore, the wall needed to suit the requirements of the block while also complementing the overall façade – and that’s where VogueWall® comes in.  

“It was a challenge to find the right fence that looked good, suited the style and was low maintenance – but ModularWalls’ VogueWall® delivered.” Oak and Orange 

Oak and Orange could maximise the usable space within the backyard by choosing VogueWall®, as the lightweight panels used in the VogueWall® system don’t require piers or wide strip footings. As a result, thoughtful planning ensured a pool, undercover alfresco, outdoor fire pit, and grassy area for pets were all easily incorporated, and not a centimetre of space went to waste.  

“We have created a well-balanced space with room to relax, swim and entertain – a really well-designed area that the family are sure to love.” Oak

A crisp white boundary fence perfectly complements the modern design of the home

Seamless indoor-outdoor living

In keeping with the American Farmhouse design ethos, the house design emphasised a strong sense of indoor-outdoor connection. By selecting high windows and sliding doors, Oak and Orange created a sense of flow between the living spaces and the outdoor area.  

As the yard and pool area were easily visible from the kitchen and living spaces, it was crucial to consider the aesthetics of the boundary wall. Choosing the stately, premium VogueWall® ensured a seamless result that combines style with security from every angle.  

“As the orientation from within the home had a side yard, ModularWalls’ VogueWall® is visually appealing from within the home and adds to the American Barn look and feel within the outdoor pool area.” Oak and Orange 

Oak and Orange create a seamless indoor-outdoor connection

Landscaping to make a statement

In keeping with the laid-back luxury vibe, Oak and Orange designed the landscaping with durability and low maintenance in mind.  

Oak and Orange share, “We chose plants that suited the American farmhouse style, that would be easy to maintain, and that would suit the climate.”  

By artfully furnishing the outdoor space with plants and white pots, they created a house that instantly felt like home. 

The art of choosing the perfect fence or wall

Above all, a wall or fence is an investment in your property’s aesthetics and longevity. It’s worth the effort to choose wisely and to consider all options.  

“A fence is something you want to invest well in – you want it to last a long time.” Oak and Orange 

Thoughtful design, charming results

The outcome? A wall that garnered admiration and inquiries from onlookers. ModularWalls’ VogueWall® was the right choice for a striking boundary wall that also provides unlimited design versatility. It’s a testament to the power of thoughtful design and versatile materials, offering value and style to any home. 

Whether you’re dreaming of an American Farmhouse-style home or have other design aspirations, choosing the right suppliers and materials can make a world of difference. 

“I’d definitely recommend ModularWalls. The products look good and are versatile.” Homeowner. 


Photography: The Villa Styling