Design Trend: Modern American Farmhouse

  • 4 minutes
  • 6 November 2023

In the dynamic world of interior design and architecture, trends come and go. But some styles, like the Modern American Farmhouse, remain timeless. We dig deeper into the charming, rustic style inspired by Oak and Orange House 8  – find out how to infuse a sense of the Modern American Farmhouse style in your home.   

Oak and Orange are the masterminds behind the resurgence of the Modern American Farmhouse

What is the Modern American Farmhouse?

The Modern American Farmhouse is a contemporary take on the traditional American barn style and embodies a unique blend of design elements.  

The pitched roof is reminiscent of Scandinavian architecture, emphasising clean lines for minimalist charm. The weatherboard cladding adds rustic charm and texture, while the monochromatic colour palette keeps the façade from appearing busy or cluttered. 

Head inside, and you’ll find interiors that embrace natural light, exuding a sense of warmth and creating an inviting atmosphere.  

ModularWalls' VogueWall provides a grand, stately appeal

Practicality meets style

Firstly, the Modern American Farmhouse style is all about finding a balance between comfort and style.  

It’s cozy yet contemporary, making it an ideal choice for those who want a home that’s not only alluring but also functional. The clean lines and neutral colour palette create an uncluttered space that’s easy to live in and maintain. 

A crisp, white paint perfectly complements the rustic charm

Stand apart from the ubiquitous Hamptons look

While the Modern American Farmhouse and Hamptons styles both originate in America, they each have unique characteristics. Hamptons’ design is heavily influenced by the coastal landscapes of the East Coast of the United States and, accordingly, incorporates blue tones and nautical motifs.  

On the other hand, the Modern American Farmhouse trend draws inspiration from the American Midwest, as can be seen in the rustic aesthetic, and the incorporation of earthy tones.  

A statement wall that provides security and peace of mind

How to get the Modern American Farmhouse look

Interior inspiration

For this project, the interior design was to feel warm and homely with timber flooring, glazing bars on the windows and layers of textures in soft furnishings” Oak and Orange.  

To infuse your home with the warmth and homeliness of the Modern American Farmhouse style, consider these interior design tips: 

  • Embrace natural materials. Achieve a practical yet stylish scene by selecting raw materials and timber flooring for timeless appeal. 
  • Design for natural light.  Choose high ceilings and oversized windows to create a serene space.  
  • Promote a sense of indoor-outdoor connection. Bring the outdoors in by choosing floor-to-ceiling windows and doors where possible. 
  • Handpicked feature lighting. Make a statement with lighting features in iron or copper for simple charm.  
  • Textured Soft Furnishings. Layer your space with textures in soft furnishings like cushions and throws for a cozy feel. 
The American farmhouse is a fresh take on the rustic barns of the American Midwest

Exterior design

“We chose a predominantly black and white colour palette for the exterior with greenery that pops in the landscaping for our project. We only had three different colours on our façade; however, we added character and interest with shapes and patterns.” Oak and Orange.

When it comes to the exterior of your home, here’s how you can capture the essence of the Modern American Farmhouse look: 

  • Keep it monochrome. Choose a black-and-white colour palette for your exterior to set the stage for a timeless look. 
  • Invest in landscaping. Incorporate greenery and clever landscaping to add vibrancy to your home’s exterior.  
  • Play with texture. Use shapes and patterns to add character and interest to your façade through clever placement of weatherboards and timber features. 
  • Attend to the details. Take a leaf from Oak and Orange’s book and add additional timber features to create welcoming gates and entryways. 
  • Add flair with VogueWall®. Choose ModularWalls’ VogueWall® with external post tops and capping to elevate your exterior to something grand and stately.   
Rustic, natural and earthy styling complement Dream Home 8 perfectly.

Modern American Farmhouse: laid-back luxury

In conclusion, the Modern American Farmhouse style truly embodies timeless charm and practical elegance. By pairing rustic textures with contemporary shapes, the Modern American Farmhouse feels homely from the moment you step through the front door. Whether you’re renovating or embarking upon the new build process, the Modern American Farmhouse promises to remain relevant for years to come. So, why not embrace it and let your home exude enduring appeal? 

Photography credit: Villa Styling