Safe fences a must for creating kid-friendly outdoor spaces

  • 5 minutes
  • 22 April 2024

Are you looking to create a kid-friendly outdoor space with a safe fence so your children can run free? Look no further – create a safe outdoor haven for your little ones with ModularWalls. Our premium wall and fence solutions provide the ultimate safety and peace of mind, so your little ones can enjoy uninterrupted playtime. But don’t just take our word for it – hear what some of our satisfied customers have to say! 

Creating a backyard haven for children is within your reach with ModularWalls

Maximise your outdoor spaces with a safe fence

With our premium walls and fences, you can create a secure space for your children to play freely. Whether it’s running around the lawn, playing ball games, or enjoying a splash in the pool, our safe fence solutions offer unparalleled peace of mind. In fact, our premium solutions have been selected by multiple childcare centres! 

Childcare centres select ModularWalls for their durability and monolithic nature

Alexandra, a mother of a lively three-year-old, couldn’t be happier with our premium walls and fences. She shares: 

So with my little one who’s three, he just runs wild out here, and I’m happy just to let him go nuts. The fence gives that extra sense of safety and security. I don’t have to worry about him escaping onto the street and running away. It’s safe, it’s secure, and I’m quite happy to let him go crazy on the lawn.” 

DIY customer Blake  chose an EstateWall® front wall for his property to create an established front boundary – and enjoys the additional secure outdoor area for his family to relax and play. Blake emphasises the importance of privacy and security our fences offer, stating:  

 “The EstateWall® has definitely achieved that privacy and security we were looking for, and it creates another area for us to come out and let the kids play.” 

A secure haven is a must for young families

Protect from prying eyes

A sense of privacy from neighbours or passers-by is crucial for creating a secure, safe outdoor space. ModularWalls wall and fence solutions offer a solid visual screen for outdoor areas, as their opaque nature naturally blocks the line of sight.  

Jimmy and Tam sought to create a secure yard for their daughter and two dogs – and TrendWall® provided total privacy from surrounding neighbours.   

“The most important thing for us was privacy, and that’s where ModularWalls came in. Having that perimeter of ModularWalls as a really good screen so no one could see into our area was something that we really wanted for this space.” 

With ModularWalls, you can achieve heights of up to 3m*, creating a safe perimeter for your backyard and ultimate privacy for your family. 

A secure, private boundary fences brings peace of mind

Safe fences with added acoustic privacy

Gab is a homeowner with young children. She undertook a backyard renovation project, choosing TrendWall® as her pool wall and boundary fence. Gab couldn’t be happier with ModularWalls’ noise attenuation properties**, sharing: 

“What I love about ModularWalls first has to be the noise attenuation. The kids can be carrying on in the pool, squealing and laughing and having fun, and we don’t have to worry about constantly shushing them to be considerate of the neighbours. The neighbours have told us that they have no trouble with the noise and that it’s blocking most of the sound, so that’s really fantastic.”  

Safety, shelter and security are vital considerations when creating an outdoor kid-friendly haven. Create a safe haven with a safe fence

Similarly, Kate Sparks’ backyard renovation was prompted by a desire for an acoustic barrier to reduce noise for neighbours from kids playing in the backyard.  

“One of the biggest design factors for me was having something that would block my children’s noise – I have the loudest kids! With the acoustic barrier of the ModularWalls, it was the perfect opportunity to use it as an external boundary wall.” Kate Sparks 

Kate also desired a cohesive solution that provided a premium, considered aesthetic to complement her outdoor entertaining area – and ModularWalls was the obvious choice. 

A safe fence results in peace of mind for parents

Safe fence: a must for outdoor spaces

Not only do ModularWalls’ range of walls and fences provide security and acoustic privacy, but their monolithic structure makes them non-climbable – perfect for families with active young kids who have a penchant for exploring!  

Additionally, take comfort in ModularWalls’ proven durability, backed by our ten-year extended warranty, so that you can be confident in your walls for years to come. 

Safety and security are paramount for parents

Create a safe haven with ModularWalls

As a parent, safety and security are paramount considerations – but don’t let safety concerns hinder your children’s outdoor adventures. Create a haven for your children to blow off steam while you enjoy confidence in a secure ModularWalls safe fence solution. Let your children play, explore, and create memories while you kick back and relax, knowing they’re safe within the confines of your property. Protect your family with a ModularWalls solution that you can rely on. 

*The maximum height attainable for the different wall types will be influenced by various factors, including wind regions, soil conditions, topography and shielding. 

** Site and noise source specific