Backyard ideas: coastal design

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  • 6 April 2023

If you’re looking for backyard ideas and inspiration, check out how homeowners Ben and Gabrielle brought their backyard ideas to life. They have transformed a plain suburban garden into a stunning resort-style haven.

Finding inspiration and backyard ideas

The visionaries behind this landscaping project are homeowners Ben and Gabrielle. Intending to create a high-end coastal design, they sourced backyard ideas from across the globe. Places like India, Bali, France and the Seychelles inspired their creation and contributed to the calm beauty of the space.

The stunning backyard offers several zones to maximise outdoor living.

  • The azure blue pool has a resort feel thanks to the tropical plants, crisp white fencing, and sandstone features. At the same time, the decorative doors from India create a stunning feature by the built-in fire pit.
  • The alfresco area ensures the family can dine and entertain outdoors while the kids play on the lawn, built-in trampoline and impressive jungle gym. 
  • Last but not least, Ben and Gab’s basketball area is another zone the family will enjoy for countless hours. And being surrounded by SlimWall also helps reduce noise reaching the neighbours. 

It’s hard to believe this stunning slice of paradise was once just an ordinary suburban backyard.

TrendWall & SlimWall with Aluminium Posts - Ben & Gab's Place

TrendWall with integrated retaining

Creating new from old

While the existing yard had ‘good bones’, it was outdated and bordered with mismatched green and cream metal fencing. So, to create the perfect canvas for their backyard ideas, Ben and Gabrielle decided a new fence was essential. Not only did the new fence need to provide a coastal aesthetic, the pool and boundary fence needed to incorporate a retaining solution and overcome uneven ground.

So, Ben and Gab began researching fencing options to deliver a prestige aesthetic on a realistic budget, with the goal that the fence didn’t compromise their backyard ideas and coastal design.

SlimWall with aluminium posts (slats not supplied by ModularWalls)

‘We wanted the look of a rendered block wall. That wasn’t an option due to the cost and the changing levels and surface materials along the boundary line, Gabrielle says. We needed something that could be suspended on posts to ensure a level finish without re-laying slabs on the neighbour’s side.’

SlimWall & TrendWall solutions

Ben and Gabrielle discovered that SlimWall and TrendWall from ModularWalls ticked all the boxes and tied in perfectly with their backyard ideas.

Not only does this lightweight, durable fence solution look great, but it’s also ideal for situations with varying heights and levels. In addition, the innovative panel and post system also helps to maximise available yard space, which is always a priority around a pool.

Selecting a fencing solution with aluminium posts is perfect for pools and coastal areas. SlimWall and TrendWall also offer the streamlined aesthetic of a rendered wall to bring Gabrielle’s backyard ideas to life. Next, the installer ensured an even fence height around the block without any steps or raked panels for a consistent finish. Then the last step saw the fence painted in Dulux Snowy Mountain Quarter to match the house’s exterior.

TrendWall & SlimWall Aluminium posts - Ben&Gab's Place

TrendWall with integrated retaining

‘ModularWalls was the only option we came across that provided the look of a rendered wall, was durable, easy to install and economical. They also had so many case studies of people making it look great, so we felt confident in the product,’ Gabrielle says.

Backyard ideas become a beautiful reality

Ben and Gabrielle’s ModularWalls fence is the perfect backdrop for their coastal design and backyard ideas. It looks sophisticated and elegant, softened with sections of sandstone and sculptural greenery. The couple, documenting each stage of their landscaping journey on Instagram, couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Parents of small children, Ben and Gabrielle, love that SlimWall and TrendWall offer acoustic properties, so the kids can play outside without disturbing the neighbours. At the same time, choosing ModularWalls over rendered masonry walls ensured a budget for plants and other backyard areas. Overall, they are thrilled to see their backyard ideas become a glamorous (and insta-worthy!) coastal-inspired space.

TrendWall & SlimWall Aluminium Posts - Ben&Gab's Place

The whole process was so easy! I would definitely recommend ModularWalls. It creates a premium look and is the perfect backdrop if you’re doing high-end landscaping.

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