Bird is the word: incredible wall mural brings colour to suburban street

  • 4 minutes
  • 21 August 2023

Check out how imagination and creativity came to life with the help of ModularWalls TrendWall. Homeowner Kim brought colour and life to her suburban street by painting an incredible wall mural on her ModularWalls boundary fence – combining security, customisation and flair

Seeking security

Homeowner Kim required new fencing to the front and rear of her property, as the current fences were rapidly deteriorating.
Therefore, Kim sought a fencing solution that would provide peace of mind within her home and outdoor space and wished to incorporate a sliding gate for the driveway to add a further sense of security.  

A savvy consumer, Kim spent months researching, asking friends, neighbours and acquaintances about their fencing suppliers. She found glowing reviews about ModularWalls, praising the product, the workmanship and the installation. Kim was certainly intrigued and reached out to a trusted ModularWalls Trade Partner, GWS New Boundaries.

Before and After installing a TrendWall fence

Artistry comes to life with wall mural creation

Kim’s subsequent discussions with the Trade Partner led to a comprehensive plan for her outdoor space. Kim’s fencing design included both a lockable letterbox and solar-powered fence lighting to illuminate her outdoor space at night.  

“The solar-powered fence lighting looks truly awesome at night”, shares Kim.  

However, the customisation of Kim’s fence was further elevated when Kim’s Londoner nephew came to visit. A talented mural artist, mORGANICo created a striking wall mural for her fence. This level of creativity and artistry would have been nearly impossible on any other type of fence, making ModularWalls the ideal canvas to bring his vision to life.  

“I asked my nephew if he could paint a couple of birds that I see in my yard.  I was not expecting the masterpiece I got – I thought it was going to be a quick and simple thing. It wouldn’t be possible to do this on any other type of fence.” 

Ultimate peace of mind with TrendWall

Kim selected TrendWall for its impressive height and sturdy nature. Accordingly, by choosing to use two panels, Kim achieved a height of 1.8m, meaning that passers-by could not easily peer into her backyard. 

Additionally, the integration of a seamless gate within the fencing solution brought additional peace of mind for Kim. 

“Above all, the thing that sold me on ModularWalls was the installation of the seamless gate to match the fence – it makes me feel a lot safer.” 

 Easy installation with trusted Trade Partners

By engaging a trusted Trade Partner, Kim could lean on their expertise and project management skills. The ease of installation was an undoubtedly standout feature for Kim that left a lasting impression.  

“It was a completely stress-free time for us. The fences were finished in a timely manner and honestly, we are blown away by the work they did to give us the best fence possible.” 

Fencing that makes a statement

Kim’s love for her new fence goes beyond mere admiration – she proudly displays it as her screensaver, a testament to her emotional connection with her property’s transformation. Neighbours, friends and passers-by all can’t help to comment on the creative wall mural, leaving Kim feeling very fortunate to have chosen ModularWalls. 

“Everyone who comes over can’t get over how good the fence looks! I’m so lucky – it’s truly something else. I’m really happy I chose I ModularWalls and will definitely be using them again. I’d recommend ModularWalls to anyone.” 

Style, security and customisation

ModularWalls TrendWall provided the perfect blank canvas for imagination and creativity to shine. Not only did Kim find an innovative (and beautiful) way to enhance her sense of security and peace of mind, but she was also able to enjoy the wide range of customisation options available with ModularWalls.  

If you seek a fencing solution that combines style, security, and ease of installation, look no further than ModularWalls.