Leading through innovation

ModularWalls is a company built on ingenuity and innovation. As a trusted market leader, our commitment to innovation extends towards the implementation of holistic and impactful sustainability initiatives. We’re constantly seeking and developing new, efficient and more sustainable processes, from design to manufacture, collaboration to installation. Our planet is precious and we want to lead by example, working mindfully to leave a lighter footprint.

People driving change

At ModularWalls, our people are our strength – creative, intelligent problem-solvers. Over the past 20 years, we’ve built a shared sense of responsibility for sustainability and environmental management. We know that by working together, we can make a difference. We can create tangible change to protect and preserve our environment. From executive and top management through to employees, suppliers and sub-contractors, each and every team member is engaged and empowered to help us achieve significant company-wide sustainability goals.

Sustainability through operations

Sustainability through our operations

Every element of ModularWalls’ daily operations – both in the factory and on site – is aimed at reducing our environmental footprint. Our current sustainability practices are practical and, most importantly, measurable. These include the efficient use of plant, equipment, and vehicles to conserve energy; recycle or reuse materials wherever possible, reduce waste and target zero waste to landfill; and engage with our supply chain to improve overall sustainability performance. We actively monitor, analyse, and audit our environmental performance.

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ModularWalls’ range of composite acoustic panels are designed for superior noise mitigation in urban and industrial sectors by absorbing sound from the source. Explore
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