The ultimate entertainers’ delight: Jimmy and Tam’s Palm Springs paradise 

  • 7 minutes
  • 30 August 2023

Jimmy and Tam won the 2020 season of The Block with their stunning Palm Springs inspired renovation. So, when this talented couple were renovating their home and backyard, we were thrilled they chose ModularWalls to help transform their outdoor space into an awe-inspiring Palm Springs style entertainer’s delight. 

Creating a Palm Springs Paradise

Recognised for their distinctive style and affable nature during their time on The Block, Judge Shaynna Blaze famously stated, “Jimmy and Tam know exactly how to build a space that makes your heart sing and makes you happy.”

So, it’s no surprise that Jimmy and Tam have created another awe-inspiring Palm Springs oasis. With a clear vision, the couple set out to transform their backyard with a seamless indoor/outdoor living area, including an outdoor kitchen and lounge, a Plungie pool and a play area for their young daughter.

As can be seen, they’ve incorporated hallmarks of the Palm Springs style, such as breezeblocks, timber detailing and a less-is-more design. To help achieve this high-end, pared-back finish, they choose ModularWalls’ TrendWall®. Tam shares,

“From a design perspective, we chose the TrendWall® because it’s got a beautiful, sleek and high-end finish, which was really appealing.”

The result is a stunning backyard with a distinctly mid-century modern flair.

Backyard ideas on a budget to suit all tastes and styles

Privacy, aesthetics & noise reducing qualities

On settlement of the property, the existing boundary fence was dilapidated (and was nearly falling over). Having experienced first hand the quality and aesthetics of ModularWalls’ TrendWall® during their time on The Block, they knew ModularWalls would provide the perfect solution to ensure privacy and elevate the overall exterior of their new home.

“That boundary fence was a massive priority for us as soon as we moved in because the fences were nearly non-existent and were falling over,” Jimmy reports. “We’d used ModularWalls on The Block and absolutely loved it, so we knew we wanted to use it on our own house.”

Jimmy and Tam chose TrendWall® for their pool feature wall, as the aluminium posts make it ideal for pool areas. The quality and style of TrendWall® meant it was also perfect for their boundary fence. As a result, TrendWall® ensures privacy from surrounding neighbours while creating a secure yard for their daughter and two dogs.

“The most important thing for us was privacy, and
that’s where ModularWalls came in.”

Backyard ideas on a budget for blocks of all shapes and sizes

Jimmy and Tam set out with a key purpose for their backyard renovation project: to create a fun, relaxing space to make memories with friends and family. So, the privacy and sound attenuating qualities of the ModularWalls system gave them the peace of mind to entertain without worrying about disturbing the neighbours.

“Designing an entertainers’ delight was a high priority for our backyard. Having ModularWalls as a solid wall makes us feel comfortable when we’re entertaining that we’re not annoying the neighbours,” shares Jimmy.

Customisation is key to a standout design

Being winners of The Block, Jimmy and Tammy know a thing or two about creating great spaces. So, it’s not surprising they chose to customise their modular wall and a few key backyard areas to create an inspiring indoor-outdoor living space.

Having used ModularWalls previously, Jimmy and Tam knew first hand that a TrendWall® can easily be customised to suit any style. Tammy’s keen eye for design ensured the pool wall tied in with the tiles of the stylish outdoor kitchen. The choice of “Unbleached Calico” by Dulux highlights the pool feature wall while providing a striking contrast with the bold black boundary fence.

“One of the benefits of ModularWalls is the product is so versatile. You can tile, paint or render it.”

Additionally, choosing to integrate lighting within the TrendWall® creates the perfect ambience, no matter the time of day. The brass lights create a feature of their own within the backyard. Tam declares,

“We also incorporated lighting into our ModularWalls. The integrated lighting really brings the space alive at night.”

The Plungie pool was purposely left above ground as part of the mid-century modern design. The stunning white gloss mosaic tiles make the perfect backdrop to the succulents. At the same time, the concrete steps, white stones, and pool chairs complete the Palm Springs aesthetic.

Another stand out feature of their outdoor space is the timber wall of the living area. The timer gives texture. Not to mention, the timber looks fantastic behind the TV and Sonos sound system.

Low-maintenance, high-impact backyard design

Continuing their mid-century modern style, Jimmy and Tam opted for a low-maintenance garden featuring succulents and cacti.

“We’ve gone for a low-maintenance garden, which fits in with the brief of our mid-century modern style. It’s also perfect for our busy lifestyles.”

By painting their boundary fence in a bold black and using Formboss garden edging in the backyard, the landscaping pops and creates an eye-catching feature. The green plants spaced along the boundary on the street look fantastic against the ‘Night Sky’ paint.

“Going black is bold – we did get hesitation from others about why we painted such a big fence black. But when they see the beautiful green plants in front of it and see how much they pop, it really makes sense.”

The ultimate DIY entertainers' delight by Jimmy and Tam

Jimmy and Tam’s DIY Success story

As Jimmy is a plumber by trade and both completed a season on The Block, they are no strangers to getting their hands dirty. So, they understand the importance of DIY and ‘having a go’ at completing as much of the work as possible. Not only does it give a great sense of achievement, but it also saves money on labour costs, allowing more budget for those all-important finishing touches.

Considering their vast experience, DIY installation was an easy choice. The couple completed most of the TrendWall® installation themselves, seeking help from neighbours for the final aspects of slotting in the panels and some of the painting. While DIY is a great way to save on costs, bringing in the experts when needed is also important. For example, a qualified electrician must connect any integrated lighting within a ModularWalls system.

Anyone willing, with a bit of know-how, can install a ModularWalls fence or wall. However, if DIY isn’t for you, professional installation is also an option.

Read more about more about Jimmy and Tam’s DIY success tips here.

Jimmy and Tam completed a spectacular backyard renovation with the help of ModularWalls

Jimmy and Tam’s Queensland hinterland backyard transformation was a resounding success. The versatility of TrendWall® exceeded their expectations. Now, they have an entertainers’ paradise to share with friends and family, with the added benefits of sound attenuation, security and privacy.

“We recommend ModularWalls because of the privacy you can achieve, the look you achieve and the sound quality.”

With ModularWalls’ TrendWall® playing a pivotal role in their backyard renovation, Jimmy and Tam created an entertainers’ paradise that met their design brief, affording lots of privacy and the ability to customise their fencing solutions to suit their needs. Their Palm Springs paradise now stands as a testament to the quality of their design, their superb execution and the endless possibilities unlocked by ModularWalls’ fence and wall systems.

“I think we’ve executed our vision well, and we really love the space.”


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