Style and Performance: TrendWall Transforms The Block Backyards

  • 5 minutes
  • 25 October 2023

Season 19 of The Block takes five couples out of their comfort zones, renovating 1950s brick homes in Hampton East. From water features and woodfire pizza ovens to sleek, minimalist boundary walls, the budding Block contestants have totally transformed these backyards as they battle to take out the title.

Join us as we reveal some of the bold, innovative backyards created by Australia’s favourite rookie renovators.  


The Block contestants have created innovative, dynamic backyard spaces featuring ModularWalls' TrendWall

The Block Backyard Reveals: House 4’s Jaw-dropping Japandi Style  

This season, it’s clear that Steph and Gian have emerged as the frontrunners. It was no surprise that their backyard took out the win. Not to mention, they also received a perfect ten score from judge Shaynna Blayze.  

Their innovative backyard design is anything but beige; raw materials and textures reign supreme in this backyard. 

Steph and Gian create an awe-inspiring backyard for The Block

Their backyard reflects their Japandi style, defined by Steph as “a mixture of Scandinavian design and Japanese elements”. Natural elements feature heavily, including rustic timber decking to the alfresco and pool area. Lush, well-considered landscaping featuring bamboo and low-lying greenery adds a touch of graceful allure to the outdoor space.  

Drawing from their Mediterranean heritage, Steph and Gian have designed a backyard with entertaining in mind. Concrete seating combines functionality with style, creating an ideal setting for gatherings near their cutting-edge outdoor kitchen and wood-fired pizza oven.   

Skylights bring an abundance of natural light

Complementing this luxurious backyard is TrendWall®, a sleek, minimalist boundary wall. TrendWall® not only provides security and visual privacy, but it also provides the necessary acoustic properties to combat the hustle and bustle of the suburban street to create a truly zen feel.  

Darren Palmer proclaimed the space as “the perfect backyard”. By choosing a neutral foundation accentuated by earthy textures, Steph and Gian have achieved a soothing, inviting atmosphere.  

As Steph states, “[Japandi] is more than just aesthetics; it’s about how you feel in the space.” It’s safe to say that future buyers will experience nothing short of sheer delight in this remarkable backyard. 

Timeless Elegance meets Art-Deco Allure: House 2 

Leah and Ash have stayed true to their modern/art-deco style for their backyard transformation. Recognised by the judges for creating a strong indoor-outdoor connection, Dave Franklin, The Block’s resident landscape designer extraordinaire, stated, “This is the perfect example of when the landscape design meets the architecture of the house”. 

Further commended for creating a “genuine feeling of warmth” in their outdoor space, Leah and Ash placed second and provided some stiff competition to favourites Steph and Gian. 

Leah and Ash have created an art-deco masterpiece

The centrepiece of their stylish backyard is the mosaic feature tiling surrounding their round plunge pool, which pays homage to the decorative tilework synonymous with the art-deco era.  

Wander over to the inviting firepit, where the hallmark curves of the art-deco era are proudly on display in crescent-shaped brick seating – the perfect setting to connect on those chilly Melbourne evenings.  

The timeless elegance of this backyard is evident in every detail including its boundary wall.  Here, TrendWall®, painted in velvety black, adds a contemporary edge to the entire design – not to mention the abundant landscaping shines against the darker tones of TrendWall® 

Mosaic tiling nods to the tilework of the art-deco era

However, don’t be fooled – TrendWall® does more than just look good. Thanks to its durable, corrosive-resistant aluminium posts, TrendWall® is ideal for poolside or coastal applications. 

The addition of aluminium slat detail provides further design flair, with the clean lines contrasting with the gentle curves present throughout this outstanding backyard. 

Finally, the curated, jewel-toned styling additionally complements the vibrant backyard and art-deco aesthetic.  

TrendWall provides the perfect canvas to allow outdoor design to shine

Carefully Curated Quiet Luxury: House 1 of The Block 

Step into the contemporary oasis of House 1, created by fan favourites Kyle and Leslie. Despite placing third, Kyle and Leslie were commended by Shaynna Blaze for their “insane” backyard – and it’s easy to see why.  

This backyard screams quiet luxury, featuring a round plunge pool with intricate kit-kat tiling and pared-back concrete pavers.  

The Block featured a wide variety of design styles

A water feature seamlessly integrates into the plunge pool while simultaneously providing a design feature. Industrial-inspired concrete styling adds serious edge, while abundant tropical landscaping infuses timeless charm. 

Complementing this show-stopping backyard is the sleek TrendWall® boundary fence. Kyle and Leslie chose a chic Monument paint that complements the contemporary Mediterranean feel of the backyard. In addition, sleek aluminium slats provide clean lines to draw the eye, elevating the overall aesthetic.  

Inheriting one of the larger homes this season, they’ve utilised all available space to create something genuinely awe-inspiring by choosing TrendWall®.  The narrow posts used in the TrendWall® system sit flush with the boundary wall finish, maximising all usable space.  

Accordingly, by cleverly incorporating different zones into their backyard design, Kyle and Leslie have created an outdoor sanctuary. Their backyard is fit for entertaining in (serious) style and for relaxing afternoons in the sun. 

TrendWall, complete with aluminium slats, creates striking clean lines

The Block contestants experience serious style and performance with TrendWall®

The Block contestants have illustrated that achieving a cohesive design that seamlessly weaves through your entire home is essential, and this must include your outdoor space.  

As judge Marty Fox states, “The key to success is about appealing to as many segments of the market as possible”, and the wide range of outdoor design styles evident in this season of The Block point to a particularly competitive auction night.  

Thoughtful planning is essential, and with TrendWall®, the possibilities are endless. Tailor your outdoor design with the versatility of TrendWall®, which offers a wide variety of customisation options. In addition, TrendWall®s’ sleek, sophisticated finish provides the perfect canvas for your styling and backyard design to shine. 

We’re eagerly anticipating the upcoming façade reveals, and we can’t wait to review more of the incredible aspects of The Block.