Selling Houses Australia chooses ModularWalls

  • 3 minutes
  • 23 May 2024

The beloved Foxtel renovation show Selling Houses Australia (SHA) has long been a beacon of hope for homeowners seeking to revamp their properties for sale. In this heartfelt season finale, the team transform a tired backyard into a refreshed, sale-ready escape featuring ModularWalls’ TrendWall®.

Selling Houses Australia to the rescue

Tina and Mick, long-time residents of West Sydney, found themselves at a crossroads. With their children grown and moved out, they were eager to downsize and transition into retirement. However, their family home needed a major facelift to attract potential buyers. Enter the Selling Houses Australia team, renowned for their expertise in turning lacklustre properties into market-ready gems.

The pool area before Selling Houses Australia makeover in Chipping Norton

Before the makeover

TrendWall® transforms a tired backyard

One of the standout features of this particular renovation was the integration of ModularWalls’ TrendWall in the backyard. Known for its sleek, contemporary aesthetic and robust durability, TrendWall was the perfect solution to help breathe new life into Tina and Mick’s backyard. The old, worn-out pool fencing was replaced with TrendWall, instantly elevating the outdoor space and creating privacy.

The team from Selling Houses Australia utilised TrendWall’s versatility to create an inviting environment that potential buyers could easily envision as their own. Combining functionality and style, TrendWall offers excellent noise reduction and privacy, which is crucial for any suburban home. This added layer of seclusion transformed the backyard into a private space, significantly enhancing the property’s overall appeal.  

Selling Houses Australia - TrendWall pool wall

After the transformation

In fact, show host and real estate expert Andrew Winter is also no stranger to the ModularWalls® solution. Andrew chose TrendWall and SlimWall® for his home to reduce noise between properties and increase privacy while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. 

ModularWallslook fantastic and give that bit of privacy vital in an urban location.”
– Andrew Winter

Selling Houses Australia adds property value

The use of TrendWall is a testament to how innovative products can significantly improve home renovations. For viewers of Selling Houses Australia, it’s an inspiring example of how strategic upgrades can help homeowners achieve their goals, whether moving on to new adventures like Tina and Mick or simply increasing a property’s market value.

TrendWall pool wall - SHA

Overall, ModularWalls’ TrendWall played a key role in transforming an outdated backyard into a sale-ready space on Selling Houses Australia. It was the perfect solution for Tina and Mick to help sell their home and embark on their journey toward retirement. 

Take inspiration from SHA embark on your outdoor renovation and add value to your property with ModularWalls.