DIY project: Kate Sparks’ pool reveal

  • 3 minutes
  • 4 April 2022

Kate Sparks and her husband are not afraid to tackle a DIY project or two. First, see Kate reveal the next stage of her backyard transformation, showcasing a stunning pool area featuring a ModularWalls pool wall. Then keep reading to discover the inspiration behind the design and a few of Kate’s project tips.

DIY project design inspiration 

One of the most significant design factors for Kate’s pool area was the need for an acoustic barrier between backyards. The barrier was crucial to reduce the noise from the kids playing in the pool reaching the next-door neighbours.

Other design factors included the desire for a cohesive look with the existing outdoor areas — the outdoor kitchen and dining/entertaining area and fire pit area. Kate also wanted to ensure this DIY project was affordable while achieving the desired result — a stunning pool area for the whole family to enjoy.

Lastly, Kate wanted to use ModularWalls differently from the retaining walls used in the first backyard renovation. While at the same time maintaining a classic, timeless look.  

TrendWall pool wall

Bring in the experts — even on a DIY project

Research and planning are vital in any DIY project, but as Kate mentions, ‘don’t be afraid to bring in the experts’ when needed. For instance, there may be project elements that must adhere to specific criteria or pass certification. For example, Kate’s boundary pool wall is subject to council regulations. Not only did the pool wall need to meet code, but it’s also a prominent feature and includes an integrated retaining wall. For these reasons, Kate was happy to set a budget aside for professional installation, and the results speak for themselves.

TrendWall sets the scene for the pool area

After many months of renovating, this stage of Kate’s backyard transformation is now complete. The result of this DIY project is a modern and timeless pool area that suits the family perfectly. Using TrendWall achieves the goal of an acoustic barrier and pool wall. As can be seen, finishing the TrendWall in white paint gives a fresh modern look and makes the perfect backdrop to the large palms and pool. Not to mention the white finish complements the black retaining walls from the initial backyard makeover. TrendWall also offers seamless integration with our TerraFirm retaining panels, so there was no need to combine different fence materials.

Apart from the ModularWalls, Kate’s green thumb brings this DIY project together and achieves the desired cohesiveness with the existing gardens. Kate’s tips for planting in a pool area include being mindful of the plant’s root systems affecting the pool. For example, Kate uses large pots instead of planting in the ground to combat large root systems. Equally important is to choose plants that are both drought and chlorine tolerant.

Kate and her husband’s hard work showcase what you can achieve on a sloping block with ModularWalls. So, not only will you have a fantastic pool backdrop, but a premium boundary wall will also add value to your property. 

Overall, this backyard renovation provides additional living space for the family to enjoy while ensuring the neighbour’s serenity. As a result, the family spends more time outdoors, entertains more, and enjoys all that an outdoor lifestyle offers. This DIY project highlights that your dream backyard is achievable — even in stages. With Kate’s ideas and design know-how, we can’t wait to see what comes next in this modern, family-friendly backyard.

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