Modern Front Fence Complements Stunning Renovation

  • 5 minutes
  • 11 April 2024

It’s no secret scope can tend to creep during a home renovation – and what starts out as a small cosmetic project can take on a mind of its own! Just ask Alexandra, who embarked upon a renovation journey with her family that soon shifted into a total overhaul of her property – complete with a modern front fence that redefined the exterior of her home.

Charming renovations require an aesthetic front fence

Alexandra’s renovation journey

Five years into owning their property, Alexandra and her family decided it was time for a change, and what began as a modest renovation snowballed into something bigger.

“We decided to renovate and give it a bit of new life. It took a life of its own, and we did 1,000 times more than we originally anticipated.”

With a vast range of architectural styles to choose from, Alexandra wavered between different looks to guide her renovation. Despite initially considering a Hamptons look, Alexandra chose a more modern, contemporary feel.

A modern front fence brings security and safety

A modern front fence that brings security and safety

Located on a quiet, suburban cul-de-sac, Alexandra’s block was irregularly shaped. Without a significant backyard, Alexandra sought to maximise the usable space on her block.

Living on a property where the front yard doubles as the backyard presented unique challenges, especially with two young children: privacy and security became paramount.

Enter ModularWalls, the solution that perfectly blends functionality with style. Compelled to learn more about ModularWalls having seen the products featured on TV and social media, Alexandra was thrilled with the wide range of options available.

“We don’t have much of a backyard; our front yard is our backyard in itself – so we needed privacy and security, especially with two little ones. And that’s why we decided to go with ModularWalls. It could not be any better – we absolutely love it.”


Stunning renovation complemented by modern front fence

Sleek aesthetics for a modern front fence

Before renovating, Alexandra’s front fence consisted of metal rails resembling a balcony balustrade. Additionally, the irregular nature of Alexandra’s block posed challenges when finding a fence solution that would appear sleek and streamlined, with no harsh angles.  

After careful consideration, Alexandra selected VogueWall® to exude contemporary sophistication. The modular nature of VogueWall® meant that Alexandra could easily and cohesively secure the perimeter of her block.  

“ModularWalls enabled us to cover most of the perimeter in such a seamless fashion – it didn’t look jagged, like it would have looked with any other type of product.” 

Alexandra’s new VogueWall® front wall perfectly complemented the architectural style of her modern home. By choosing to paint her VogueWall® in the exact shade of her home exterior (Caspar White Quarter), the modern front fence seamlessly integrates with the property as a whole and creates an altogether streamlined look.  

“Our fence now gives that modern vibe. It looks like a masonry wall without the expense and the time associated with it, while giving us that sense of privacy.” 

A cohesive front fence gives a curated appearance

Masonry vs. ModularWalls

Originally, Alexandra had considered masonry walls for her front fence, but she was deterred by the lengthy installation times. When coupled with construction delays, she sought a more efficient option. ModularWalls’ fast installation meant that Alexandra could enjoy her new modern front fence in a matter of days (not weeks or months!). 

“We chose ModularWalls over masonry because it was a lot easier to work with, faster, and a lot more affordable – it worked within our means.” 

Additionally, the extensive nature of the renovation project meant that affordability was paramount. Compared with masonry walls, ModularWalls are typically more cost-effective while providing an elegant, stately appearance (closely resembling a rendered brick wall with piers).  

VougeWall front wall with driveway gate. Driveway gate not supplied by ModularWalls

Creating a sense of grandeur with VogueWall®

Pairing their VogueWall® front wall with a motorised aluminium driveway gate enhanced accessibility and convenience for Alexandra (vital as a mum to two young kids). The motorised gate in sleek black aluminium perfectly complements the window trims, providing an altogether considered appearance.  

We decided to install a driveway gate with a motor just to make things easier for us. It still adds to that grandeur, it’s such a stately addition – it complements the actual fence itself.” 

Modern front fence with VogueWall for a striking result

The new modern front fence: a resounding success

Alexandra’s brand new VogueWall® front wall means she can now breathe easily, knowing that her children can roam freely in her front yard. ModularWalls’ solid, secure nature provides a priceless sense of safety and privacy. 

“The fence just gives that extra sense of safety and security. My son can run wild out here kicking a ball, and I don’t have to worry about him escaping onto the street. It’s safe and secure, and I’m quite happy to let him go crazy on the lawn”. 

Not to mention, Alexandra’s new modern front fence has garnered serious admiration from neighbours, family and friends! 

“Our neighbours absolutely love it and have asked us all about it. Everyone  compliments us on how great it looks. It’s fantastic. I recommend ModularWalls to friends, family, anyone that asks us. The whole experience was great – it couldn’t have turned out any better.” 

VogueWall front wall with external wall capping and external post tops.

 A modern front fence brings privacy, security and peace of mind

Thanks to ModularWalls, Alexandra and her family can now enjoy privacy, security, and peace of mind in their property. They’ve also maximised the use of their available space by converting their front yard into an area of enjoyment and serenity for their young children. If you want to redefine your home’s exterior, look no further than a modern front fence—it’s more than a boundary; it’s a statement.