The Block 2023: Sleek Minimalism, Dramatic Results with TrendWall

  • 5 minutes
  • 1 November 2023

The Block 2023 has been filled with thrills, tension and jaw-dropping transformations. Set in the aptly named Charming Street in Melbourne’s Hampton East, five couples have set out to renovate five classic brick homes dating back to the 1950s. The central theme of “old meets new” has guided the Blockheads as they infuse a contemporary flavour into these vintage homes. Complementing these innovative projects is ModularWallsTrendWall® – a wall that pushes beyond boundaries, much like the finished homes themselves Get inspired by these stunning transformations as we reveal the front yards and façades. 

The Block 2023 showcases five incredible renovation projects

Understated Luxury, Geometric Simplicity: House 2  

Dubbed an “absolute showstopper” by the judges, it’s no surprise that Leah and Ash took first place for front yards and façades.  

Leah and Ash are seasoned renovators and have ruffled some serious feathers during their time on The Block 2023. Staying true to their modern/art-deco style, they’ve paired strong geometric shapes with clean lines to create a façade that prompted judge Darren Palmer to state, “How impressive is that? It is absolutely stunning.” 

The dynamic simplicity of ModularWalls’ TrendWall® allows the design and flawless execution to steal the spotlight. Not to mention, TrendWall®’s quick and easy installation allowed the couple to meet the tight deadlines that The Block 2023 is known for.  

Applauded for their ability to pair contrasting yet contemporary elements, Leah and Ash have executed a stunning transformation. The clean lines of the timber-look battens draw the eye to the depth created by the white brick finish and stone-stacked chimney detail.   

Concrete and tile features pave the way to a spacious entry, with a water feature and silver birches providing a premium touch. Judge Marty Fox stated, “There’s so much finesse, but it’s not overdone – it’s understated luxury”, and we’re sure that discerning buyers will embrace the refined result.  

The Block 2023 showcases TrendWall to all five boundary walls

House 4’s Architectural Harmony 

Missing out on first place by a whisker, Steph and Gian created an architectural masterpiece, accordingly named “one of the best gardens on The Block” by judge Dave Franklin.  

An architect by trade, it’s no surprise that Steph brought her characteristic laser-focus to every detail of the backyard, sharing, “There’s a very obvious architectural thought process that I am trying to convey in this front yard.” 

The fusion of natural textures and aesthetic minimalism creates a harmonious outdoor space. ModularWalls’ TrendWall® perfectly complemented this warm, inviting front yard. The unlimited versatility of TrendWall® means that you can choose any finish for your wall. Here, Steph and Gian painted their boundary wall in the same tone as the cladding for a cohesive, uniform effect.  

Stone cladding to the chimney adds to the sense of grandeur evident in this spacious front yard. Commended for their thoughtfully designed landscaping, Steph and Gian feature a variety of species to flourish year-round. In addition, the pebble and travertine paving lends an air of old-school charm and gives a high-end finish.  

Steph and Gian have created a striking front yard and façade. The transformation conveys their signature Japandi style, described as “a harmony of materiality – natural textures, integration of exterior and interior.” 

Steph and Gian's facade showcases their signature Japandi style

Natural Textures and Sophisticated Charm: House 5 

With an eye for detail and organisational skills, Eliza’s PA background and Liberty’s production experience have proven valuable for their time on The Block 2023. The sisters’ infectious positivity was again evident during the front yard and façade reveals.  

TrendWall® provides the ideal canvas for their light, bright and airy façade design to stand out. By choosing to paint their wall in a dark tone, TrendWall® seems to melt away into the background, giving the illusion of increased front yard size. Furthermore, TrendWall® provides visual and acoustic privacy, minimising noise transfer from the surrounding properties. 

Their front yard is charming yet sophisticated. Blonde brick and natural timber adorn their façade, complemented by a creative arbour feature and delicate wooden furniture. Eliza and Liberty kept the landscaping simple and classic, choosing a majestic cherry tree for the perfect finishing touch. 

Eliza and Liberty have created a vibrant front yard and façade, showcasing a range of textures to add interest and flair. Judge Dave Franklin congratulated the pair, stating, “I’m just so pleased for you both to finish so strongly”. 

Eliza and Liberty's facade is bright, light and airy

House 1’s Chic Simplicity

While Kyle and Leslie may not be experienced renovators, they’ve certainly left their mark on The Block 2023. Despite placing fifth, firefighter Kyle and teacher-aide Leslie received glowing feedback from the judges.  

Kyle and Leslie’s front yard and façade is a study in contrasts. A lush, curved water feature adds charm alongside their steel entryway. Judge Darren Palmer commends their keen design eye, asserting, “Everything is angular and geometric, then you’ve got the softness of the curves and planting…a really nice juxtaposition.” 

ModularWalls TrendWall® seamlessly extends from their backyard, painted in a bold black tone. Dark fence colours have dominated the boundary walls on The Block 2023, harmonising with the urban aesthetic. Additionally, tropical landscaping and oversize round concrete pavers add further consistency to their outdoor spaces.   

The pared-back colour palette leaves a lasting first impression. While the subtle grey brickwork raised eyebrows, it gives a minimalist charm when paired with the chic white cladding. Lastly, a hi-tech turntable driveway feature gives a twist that will appeal to even the most luxurious taste.  

The Block 2023 illustrates the diversity of Australian design and construction

Dramatic Results with TrendWall®

As Scott Cam, host of The Block for over a decade, eloquently puts it, “I believe these are the best houses I’ve ever seen on The Block”. The front yard and façade transformations on The Block 2023 are nothing short of incredible. Here, ModularWallsTrendWall® has provided a premium boundary fence for each of these high-end homes. TrendWall®s’ sleek, slimline profile allows the design, construction and on-trend styling to pop and stand out. Additionally, TrendWall® provides the visual and acoustic privacy necessary for potential buyers to feel safe and secure within their chosen abode.