Feature Walls Reach New Heights for Three Birds Renovations

  • 5 minutes
  • 25 May 2021

Three Birds Renovations House 13 is a stunning home offering a luxury resort feel, making it the ultimate staycation destination. Take a look at how clever use of outdoor feature walls creates stylish outdoor living zones and provides the grand front entrance this inspiring home deserves.

The grand front entrance 

Another new build for Three Birds Renovations and another grand front entrance using ModularWalls EstateWall. Our grand statement with wide posts to emulate a rendered brick masonry wall, EstateWall is the perfect choice to make an outdoor feature wall. This front wall offers privacy and reduces noise from passing traffic. Plus, the six-metre EstateWall only took one day to build! Therefore, EstateWall is not only a cost-effective solution compared to masonry but significantly reduces installation times, subsequently reducing labour costs. For example, House 10 by Three Birds Renovations also uses an EstateWall to create a feature wall of the two main panels. House 13 continues this design feature by customising the ‘wings’ leading into the driveway with stone cladding by Veneer Stone.

Outdoor Feature Walls: Three Birds Renovations House 13 - Front Entrance using EstateWall

This elegant front wall includes:

 Turn your outdoor pizza oven into an outdoor feature wall and privacy screen

House 13’s theme of a staycation resort continues from inside to out, and the outdoor pizza oven is no exception. Thanks to the clever use of a three-metre high EstateWall, another outdoor living zone has been created. It’s easy to imagine the kids playing outside while mum and dad cook homemade pizza. Undoubtedly, the mouth-watering pizza aroma will draw the family around. With fun and laughter filling the air, it will soon be a party atmosphere.  However, the family can enjoy the privacy their free-standing feature wall creates. The position of the pizza oven feature wall means it doubles as an outdoor privacy screen. The height of the wall blocks the neighbour’s view of the pizza oven and anyone using the stunning resort-worthy pool. (not to mention, a free-standing privacy wall like this is a great place to hide things behind, such as extra chairs or garden tools)

This outdoor pizza oven feature wall includes:

Every staycation resort needs an outdoor shower

Nothing says resort living more than a stylish outdoor shower. Three Birds Renovations have again carried the luxurious white on white aesthetic from inside to out. At the same time, brass fittings complement the fresh white tones of the outdoor shower. The gorgeous towel hooks also provide an additional point of interest and tie in beautifully with the staycation theme.

Utilising EstateWall on the property boundary, the outdoor shower appears as an extension of this dream home. Also adjacent to the pool house, this sophisticated outdoor shower creates another outdoor living zone while still connecting the space to the main house. Plus, the height of the EstateWall ensures anyone using the shower has complete privacy from adjoining neighbours.

Outdoor Feature Walls: Three Birds Renovations House 13 - EstateWall

This outdoor shower feature wall includes:

Whether you’re creating a feature backdrop to your outdoor shower, pizza oven or pool fence, many customisations work with ModularWalls. All you need is your imagination and, in some instances, a qualified tradesperson. Why not try tiling, stone cladding, laser-cut decorative panels or even a custom mural, to name just a few.

A customised outdoor feature wall is an excellent addition to any home


Altogether, the outdoor feature walls in House 13 provide a grand entrance to the home and additional living zones with a modern look and feel. Additionally, the EstateWall height offers privacy and reduces noise, resulting in a beautiful sanctuary at home. Lastly, you can customise an EstateWall in a magnitude of ways, ensuring your privacy screen or garden screen matches your architectural style.

Overall, Three Birds Renovations have expertly shown a little innovation, and clever customisation in your backyard design can have astounding results.

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