Design Trend – Feature Fencing

  • 4 minutes
  • 17 May 2020

Fencing has largely been considered a functional, practical element of outdoor design but what’s the fun in that? In this month’s featured design trend, we explore how creative homeowners are framing their homes with exquisite feature fencing!

What is feature fencing?

Feature fencing supports the design concept that every single aspect of your home design should be deliberate and artful; including your fence.

Although one of the most overlooked elements of backyard design, fencing can dramatically impact the atmosphere of your outdoor area. If you are making an effort to design a stunning home, or create an outdoor oasis, your boundaries are a crucial element to a sophisticated, harmonised final aesthetic.

Put it this way; you wouldn’t buy a striking artwork and whack it in a plastic frame, so why do it with your own home?


Whole boundaries vs feature bays

Feature fencing can range from single bays for dramatic backdrops, to selected living spaces, to entire boundaries. It all depends on your desired effect and budget.

  • A single bay (around 2.4m wide) is great for using as a backdrop to a specific design element, such as a water feature, sculpture, outdoor shower or architectural garden.
  • Short feature fences (comprising of a few bays) are perfect for creating feature living spaces, such as a breakfast nook, outdoor kitchen, poolside lounge or outdoor fireplace.
  • Entire boundaries offer maximum impact, create a sense of structure and bring balance to the hardscaping of your backyard. Also the optimum choice for courtyards or small spaces.


Design ideas for feature fencing

So, you like the sound of it, now for some inspiration. The following design elements will help elevate a boring fence into a work of architectural art:

Expressed Joint feature

Introduce bold linear lines to your fence with the Expressed Joint feature. These can be painted for a subtle effect, or finished with a clear varnish.

SlimWall with Expressed Joints

Alternating colour palette

Blank wall = blank canvas. By using an alternating colour scheme for different panels, you can add creative flair to your space, like this pool area in Mountain Creek, QLD.


feature fencing - SlimWall with Expressed Joints and contrasting colour palette

Wall lighting is great for feature fencing

Create a feature fence that lights up the night with integrated wall lights. All our wall systems have internal recesses that support lighting options.

Feature Fencing - VogueWall customised with vj panelling and integrated lighting


Tiling or cladding

Another finishing option that packs a punch is feature tiling or cladding. You can either create a focal point by tiling one bay, or tiling the entire fence.

Feature Fencing - Three Birds Renovations House 14 - EstateWall front wall with stone cladding

Case Study: Three Birds Renovations House 14

Wall art

Feature fencing can frame more than your garden. Hanging wall art is a simple but effective way of adding an artistic element to your outdoor space. If you’d like to hang something from your ModularWalls fence, download our fixing to a panel finishing guide for the correct hanging methods and weight limitations.


Mixed materials

Textural contrast adds depth and interest to your feature fence. Consider introducing contrasting feature elements, such as timber battens or infills, like this architectural boundary design from Point Cook, VIC.

feature fencing with VogueWall and timber sleepers


Setback bays

The form and shape of your fence can also create a stunning feature. By introducing feature bays, you can create focal points for feature plants, architectural gardens, outdoor sculptures or built-in seating/day beds.

Note: Unless you have a super cool neighbour who’s down for a similar design on their side of the fence, this might be a project for your front fence!

The Designory uses timber battens and ModularWalls VogueWall for their feature fencing.

Case Study: The Designory #makeitmodular for stunning Byron Bay villa

Explore the possibilities of a modular feature fence today; check out our Feature Walls page, browse our Gallery or read our Customer Success stories for more design inspiration.