Create stunning timber infill boundary walls with EstateWall®

  • 2 minutes
  • 26 October 2016

The developers of this residential project in a Melbourne seaside suburb wanted to create corner lot boundary walls to complement the semi-timber architectural design of the homes. The dramatic result uses a timber infill in combination with ModularWalls’ EstateWall.

EstateWall PointCook VIC - Timber Infill

At the installer’s recommendation the developers opted to use the EstateWall supplied by ModularWalls, on the grounds of the product’s impressive appearance and high level of adaptability, as well as its greatly reduced cost. The EstateWall is specifically designed to replicate the appearance and dimensions of a traditional brick wall, while still retaining the cost and installation advantages of a modular solution.

EstateWall PointCook VIC - Timber Infill

EstateWalls’s versatility on show

In addition to reproducing the robust appearance of a standard masonry structure, the EstateWall is a highly adaptable product that is capable of incorporating decorative features such as a timber in-fill or iron grill, in order to enhance the aesthetic appearance of finished projects. In the case of the Point Cook residential development, this permitted the creation of a handsome, robust-looking boundary wall with full-height sections of timber in-fill consisting of Cyprus Pine battens. The mixed pine and masonry appearance of the finished EstateWall boundary fence fully complemented the striking architectural design of the homes themselves.

EstateWall PointCook VIC - Timber Infill

The EstateWall provided pivotal advantages compared to traditional masonry structures, including quicker and easier installation because it is a modular product that does not require complex engineering or deep footings. This dramatically reduces the time and labour needed for the completion of a project. As a result the total cost of a modular wall solution can be as little as half that required by a traditional masonry structure of similar dimensions under the same conditions.

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