DIY Ideas – How to build a daybed

  • 3 minutes
  • 28 June 2019

Who knew DIY ideas could be so relaxing? This month’s featured project will result in the ultimate chill-zone; behold, the outdoor daybed! Scroll down to explore our ultimate list of DIY daybeds, ranging from beginner’s level projects, to more challenging designs for the seasoned DIYer!

Re-purposed and up-cycled daybeds

The following designs are perfect, entry-level projects for DIY-curious crafters, Pinterest enthusiasts and op-shop treasure hunters!

DIY Ideas; How To Build A Daybed | ModularWalls

Watch ClaCali’s YouTube tutorial here

Up-cycled pallet daybed

What can’t you do with an old shipping pallet?! This old industrial items makes for a super simple DIY daybed base; simply ensure the beams are strong enough to hold your weight, sand back splinters, check for rusty nails and stain, if needed.

A new dream for an old bed

You can come across some truly beautiful headboards in op-shops and council cleanups; furthermore, children’s beds are a particularly popular item that are always eventually grown out of.

Why not give them new life? You can simultaneously enhance the back support of your daybed and add a designer touch to the piece; watch the tutorial here!

Just another Ikea hack

What would a DIY tutorial round-up article be without at least one Ikea hack? This DIY daybed idea utilises a feature that every homeowner loves; storage! Simply use Ikea’s storage cabinets as the base, add a bed base for support, whack on a mattress or padded mats to the top and voila; you have a DIY lounging area, with built-in blankie storage.

Easy DIY daybed ideas

Looking to step up the experience level a little? Here are some projects that are a little more hands-on…

A creative DIY Day Bed

Watch aCreativeTraveler’s YouTube tutorial here

Cinder blocks and timber beams

Step 1: Glue a few cinder blocks together to build left-hand side of daybed.

Step 2: Repeat Step 1 for right-hand side; wait for both sides to cure.

Step 3: Thread weight-bearing timber beams through top holes of cinder blocks.

Step 4: Add cushions, yourself and Sunday morning’s cup of coffee (or Saturday night’s glass of wine!).

Nothin’ to it but a few two-by-fours

With a nail gun and a lick of paint, the trusty two-by-four can offer a quick and simple — yet stylish — daybed for your backyard! You can watch the full video tutorial here.

Experienced DIY daybed designs

If you’re up for a more challenging project, try your hand at one of these amazing DIY daybed tutorials!

The grass is always greener

Lie back amongst lush greenery with this incredible daybed design! Knock together a sturdy base, complete with planter box headboard, and grow a soft carpet of real lawn! Depending on your climate and budget, you could even spring for a bed of Zoysia tenuifolia, or ‘no-mow grass’, for an extra-luxe feel.

Outdoor daybed with canopy

Does it get more luxe than a four poster canopy? Build yourself your very own backyard resort and recline in style with this DIY daybed design!