10 DIY garden ideas & backyard hacks for winter

  • 4 minutes
  • 13 July 2018

Feeling put off by the chill? It’s natural to want to hibernate, but fresh air and vitamin D are super important for fighting off those ‘winter blues’. With these quick and simple DIY garden ideas, you’ll be back outside, soaking up the warm, winter sun in no time!

1. Dry, solid ground

No one likes stepping straight out into muddy puddles or frosty, water-bogged grass. Having a patio area with dry, solid ground is the best way to ensure that winter won’t rain on your parade. Build a deck or lay some pavers to create a fluffy-slipper-friendly outdoor living space!

2. DIY greenhouse

Worried about fragile blooms or veggie patches catching a cold? These super handy, temporary DIY greenhouse ideas are sure to keep your plants protected until springtime.

3. Trim tree branches

Tree pruning is best done in late winter, when they’re dormant. It lets in more sun, the dead limbs don’t pose a risk of falling in bad weather and the plant’s energy is conserved for replenishing the healthiest limbs come spring! For more info, check out our article on Winter Gardening Tips.

4. Warm lighting

Ever experienced a cold shudder watching a stark, snowy movie? That’s because we’re visual creatures that react in lots of weird and wonderful ways to what we see. By swapping out cool white outdoor lighting with a warmer glow, a space instantly looks and feels cosier and more inviting, without an actual change in temperature!

5. Tea or coffee drink stations

Outdoor drink stations and carts are making a big come back in the world of décor. Whilst frosty bottles in sweaty ice buckets are perfect during summer, the cooler months long for warming, comforting beverages. Consider equipping your drink station with a coffee machine, tea bags and some earthenware mugs or ornate teacup sets.

For outdoor bars, stock up the red wines, bottles of scotch and fortified drops, like Muscat and port, to warm up from the inside, out.

6. Cosy furnishings

In the wake of indoor-outdoor living, designers have pushed the boundaries of outdoor upholstery to create exquisite pillows, blankets and curtains that are surprisingly weatherproof. Add some cosy furnishing to your outdoor sitting areas and embrace the thicker textures like velvet, flannel, faux fur, wool and sheepskin. For a quick DIY fix, simply create some cushion covers from weather-proof fabrics or even old, cosy blankets!

7. DIY Outdoor blinds and curtains

Outdoor blinds, such as café blinds, are one of the most common ways to weather-proof your outdoor area; and there’s no reason that you can’t install them DIY.

Following on from the advancements in outdoor furnishing, DIY outdoor curtains are another option that offer an incredibly warming, luxurious element for an outdoor space. Once you get the hang of making these curtains, there’s no reason you can’t have a breeze-friendly set for summer and a heavier option for winter!

8. DIY fire pit

This simply wouldn’t be a complete list of  ‘winter hacks’ without an outdoor fire pit! Nothing beats the heat of a fire and the flickering dance of flame when there’s a chill in the air. This is the perfect time to get the most out of a fireplace, so check out this phenomenal list of DIY fire pit designs and get building!

diy garden ideas - Katesparks outdoor courtyard with fire pit

9. Heating strips

Outdoor heating strips can be installed onto outdoor walls, patio ceilings or overhead beams and crank a surprising amount of heat. These DIY options just plug straight into a power point, eliminating the need for an electrician and minimising the hassle of constantly replacing gas bottles, as with patio heaters.

10. Electric throw blankets

If your outdoor seating area is completely undercover and protected from the elements (such as a covered patio or an indoor-outdoor room), line the seat or back of your lounge with an electric throw blanket to stay extra warm!

Begin rejuvenating your outdoor area with these DIY Garden Ideas for the warmer months can be simple. Update your fencing, install a pool feature wall or replace that deteriorating retaining wall.