Quiet luxury outdoor ideas

  • 4 minutes
  • 6 February 2024

Quiet luxury is a natural evolution of minimalist design, defined by understated and effortless elegance. It’s all about investing in quality items that will stand the test of time, embracing the basics of simple design principles and premium materials  

Every detail matters in the pursuit of creating an outdoor space with a quiet luxury flair. From high-quality fencing solutions to lush landscaping, the key lies in blending luxury with simplicity.  

Invest in premium solutions

The foundation of any outdoor space isn’t the lawn or ground cover; rather, it’s your fence or boundary wall. It’s the canvas that sets the tone for the entire outdoor space. 

Begin your journey towards quiet luxury by selecting a ModularWalls premium fencing solution. ModularWalls products have been National Acoustic Laboratory tested and rated, ready for you to transform your home into a peaceful oasis. Not just strong and durable, the premium aesthetics offer a minimalist backdrop, ready for you to style to create your dream outdoor space. Not to mention, a ModularWalls wall or fence can add significant value to your property

Invest in a premium fencing solution

Landscaping as the focal point

Invest in your outdoor space and let your landscaping shine for a premium look.  

Bountiful plants and greenery create a striking contrast against the clean lines of ModularWalls, elevating the overall aesthetic. A thoughtfully designed garden is eye-catching and will continue to grow and flourish over time, making it a worthwhile investment.

I would definitely recommend ModularWalls if you’re re-doing your backyard. It’s the perfect backdrop if you’re doing high-end landscaping.”  Ben and Gab

ModularWalls boundary walls are the ideal backdrop for quiet luxury landscaping

Quiet luxury: less is more

Quiet luxury is all about restraint. Reminiscent of the iconic Coco Chanel quote “Elegance is refusal”, a quiet luxury outdoor space is simple, clean and uncluttered.  

Allow your lush landscaping and high-quality fence to shine by opting for a minimalist approach.  

Quiet luxury is all about restraint and elegance

Contrasting textures for bold elegance

To achieve an outdoor space that whispers quiet luxury, create interest with textures rather than overwhelming colours or intricate designs. As seen below, concrete paired with a sleek ModularWalls TrendWall® boundary wall creates a bold yet refined effect, embodying the essence of sophisticated luxury.

Use contrasting textures for bold elegance

Design for the proportions of your home

Consider the proportions of your home when designing your outdoor space. Tailoring your design and fencing choices to the scale of your home ensures a harmonious, luxurious appeal. For example, on large properties like acreages, the grand, stately aesthetic of EstateWall® ideally complements the home’s proportions.

It's vital to consider the proportions of your home when selecting your fence or wall

Kerb appeal from every angle

Visualize your home from within the property to street view. Investing in a fencing solution that enhances curb appeal is vital. The ModularWalls range not only provides privacy but also elevates the overall aesthetics of your home, adding value and leaves a lasting impression from every angle.  

This is particularly important when working with corner blocks. Oak and Orange completed a project on a corner block demanding a grand entrance from both front and side facades. 

We wanted to ensure both street frontages were impressive, and ModularWalls’ VogueWall® certainly helped us achieve a beautiful finish. Oak and Orange 

Consider the kerb appeal of your facade particularly if located on a corner block

Timeless landscaping with climbing plants

Consider adding climbing plants to your fences or walls for a touch of natural elegance, Flourishing flora not only soften the lines of your outdoor spaces, but also helps to create a lush, inviting atmosphere.  

Climbing plants add a touch of natural elegance for quiet luxury appeal

Illuminate with strategic lighting

Extend the enjoyment of your outdoor space around the clock with strategic lighting Investing in quality outdoor lighting makes it easy to create a warm atmosphere, allowing you to bask in the quiet luxury of your outdoor sanctuary day or night. 

Integrated outdoor lighting extends the enjoyment of outdoor spaces

Quiet luxury, lasting memories

Achieving quiet luxury in your outdoor space is an art that combines premium material selections with thoughtful design principles.  

With a ModularWalls fence or wall as your canvas and our curated ideas, crafting an outdoor space that reflects the sophistication of the quiet luxury trend is well within your reach. 

Elevate your space, embrace the serenity, and create lasting memories in your own slice of outdoor luxury.