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Creative landscape solutions for your sloping block

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No idea how to tackle your sloping block? Find your inspiration amongst these genius landscape solutions that boost functionality and enhance your outdoor lifestyle — and look good doing it.

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Tiered gardens

This backyard landscaping design is a staple for homeowners working with a sloped lot. For this idea, retaining walls are your best friend. When choosing the right retaining wall, make sure you choose a strong, durable material — you don’t want to be constantly replacing these walls due to rotting timber. For a connected aesthetic, find an option that perfectly harmonises with your house’s architecture.

Waterfall feature

Harness the raw beauty and calming effect of this natural water feature! Installing your very own waterfall will instantly create a lush, tropical oasis of any outdoor space. Utilising boulders, aqua plants and the natural undulation of your land, you can form a mesmerising focal point. Additionally, the sound aids relaxation and even masks road and neighbourhood noise!

Landscape solutions for sloping blocks - Sunken Outdoor Lounge | ModularWalls
See more of Three Birds’ latest renovation!

Sunken outdoor lounge

Outdoor rooms are exploding within the landscaping industry this year; and for good reason! These structures help you make the most of your outdoor space and completely enhances your outdoor living and entertaining areas. For sloped blocks, they can create usable spaces out of the different levels; for example, take inspiration from the stunning sunken lounge in Three Bird’s latest renovation project (pictured above).

Sunken firepit

On the topic of sunken rooms, what could be cozier than a sunken outdoor fireplace? Use the natural slope of your yard to create the perfect seating area around the fire pit, with benches, tables or shelving all carved into the land itself.

Above ground infinity pool

An above ground pool is a secret weapon for sloped blocks. The ground-level side helps connect the different levels of your land, whilst the higher side creates a luxe infinity swimming experience, with the wet-edge offering an added water feature opportunity.

Tiered pools

Another pool landscaping solution is a tiered pool. These unique pool designs takes advantage of your slope, with multiple sections installed within each level. The result is a luxurious, resort-style pool with water naturally cascading down the tiers. To ensure ’round-the-year use, make the top tier a hot tub!

Sloping Block Landscaping - Integrated Retaining & Fencing | ModularWalls

Integrate retaining walls within your boundary fences

Choosing a boundary wall or fence that can also retain will seamlessly help level your land. Our residential boundary fence and wall systems can seamlessly incorporate retaining panels into their design. This revolutionary fencing feature allows you to retain up to 750mm, which can play a huge difference in the functionality of your outdoor space, and support the foundations for these amazing landscaping solutions!

Written by Evelyn Kandris


Make the most of your sloped block with a strong, stylish standalone or integrated retaining wall.

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