Design Trend of the Month – Outdoor Rooms

This month’s featured design trend is the next step in indoor outdoor living and holistic home design. Outdoor rooms are the star of backyard design in 2018. From outdoor lounges, to garden pavilions, to open air bathrooms, traditionally indoor rooms are venturing into the Great Outdoors.

No matter if you have a balcony, a courtyard or a full backyard — prepare to be inspired by these stunning outdoor room designs!

Outdoor Kitchens; Design Trend of the Month | ModularWalls

1. Bi-fold doors and walls

Turn an indoor room into an outdoor room instantly by replacing your external wall with bi-fold, accordion or slide away door.

On top of allowing an abundance of natural light into your home, these doors also aid indoor outdoor living through organically flowing living spaces.

Outdoor Kitchens; Design Trend of the Month | ModularWalls
Outdoor Kitchens; Design Trend of the Month | ModularWalls

2. Extended patio

If you'd still like your outdoor room connected to the rest of your home, an extended patio (as pictured above) could offer you the best of both worlds.

Space enough for cooking, dining and living areas, this option is weatherproof and protected, whilst still enjoying the fresh air.

Outdoor Kitchens; Design Trend of the Month | ModularWalls

3. Outdoor living rooms

Huge advancements in textile technologies have resulted in outdoor furniture that offers the comforts of indoor living rooms, with the durability needed to withstand the natural elements. Add designer touches with DIY wall art, outdoor rugs and other interior elements!

The result? This lush outdoor living room above, boasting rich textures and luxe seating areas.

4. Enclosed area or open-air pavilion?

An enclosed room, like a Man Cave or She Shed, offers the ultimate protection from the outdoor elements. This option is handy for areas with harsh environmental conditions such as high wind regions, bush fire zones or flood prone land.

For homes in milder or more stable weather conditions, a garden pavilion (as pictured above) allows a completely open area for breezes and sunshine to flow through at will. For this option, outdoor curtains can also provide light weather protection when needed.

Outdoor Rooms - Design Trend of the Month | ModularWalls

5. Sunken outdoor rooms

Having a stepped or sloped block can sometimes be tricky to work with. However, sunken rooms or conversation pits, as seen here, are an amazing silver lining for homes with uneven land.

Being low creates a sense of protection, intimacy and cosiness; a factor amplified by outdoor fire pits, which are a popular centrepiece for sunken rooms. 

Outdoor Rooms - Design Trend of the Month | ModularWalls

6. Outdoor bathroom

This fast growing home design trend has brought all traditionally indoor rooms out into the open; kitchens, lounge rooms and even bathrooms!

Take inspiration from eco-lodges and luxury resorts and create your own outdoor bathing oasis with outdoor showers, water features and natural baths. This idea is perfect for private courtyards, bedroom balconies and unused land on the side of a house.
Outdoor Kitchens; Design Trend of the Month | ModularWalls

7. Outdoor kitchen

Spice up your outdoor room with a cooking corner! From BBQ stations to pizza ovens and everything in between, a kitchenette improves your outdoor lifestyle and is a must for any avid entertainer.

Take a look at our Outdoor Kitchens rundown for more inspiration on designing the perfect outdoor kitchen!
Outdoor Kitchens; Design Trend of the Month | ModularWalls

Written by Evelyn Kandris


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