Build Dad a Backyard Man Cave this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and you’re completely out of gift ideas. You’ve already given him way too many ties, he’s already got a favourite watch and there’s only so much footy paraphernalia a man needs. So, what about gifting him an exciting beginning of a project – get him started on his very own backyard Man Cave!

From cosy, upcycled Man Sheds to innovative he-cabins, we’ve collected our favourite backyard designs as inspiration.


Simple, modern, elegant.

This Man Shed has taken a modest structure and turned it into a wonderful, private little nook.


This gorgeous architecture is a true work of art.

Mixing expert, cutting edge design with plenty of natural light, this is a dream Man Cave to aspire to.


Loving how this design incorporates a deck for outdoor lounging, and large glass doors to let in the beautiful day.


This innovative pod mixes a unique, futuristic design with a classic decorative exterior.

This backyard Man Cave definitely holds some wow factor!


A step up from the up-cycled Man Shed, this beautiful backyard cabin looks like the perfect lounging space that could even double as a guest house!


This simple yet chic design allows natural sunshine to brighten the interior, giving it a beautiful mix of indoor and outdoor comforts.


Man Shed meets greenhouse - this open-air workshop is perfect for the green-thumb.

Add some climbers to wrap around the posts and a cooler under one of the work benches and you're set!


Mixing creature comforts with fresh air, this modern design really does look like a cave.


A carport can be a great existing structure to turn into a Man Cave.

This elegant design looks stunning against the natural landscape.


Sometimes, less is more.

This shed has been expertly turned into an outdoor cinema - perfect for a backyard BBQ and some footy.



Written by Evelyn Kandris


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