There is no such thing as a soundproof fence

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  • 26 March 2021

When it comes to residential fencing, if you hear the term ‘soundproof fence’, be wary. Either the person isn’t honest with you, or they are ill-informed. There is no such thing as a soundproof fence. However, with almost 20 years of industry experience and 30,000+ projects under our belt, ModularWalls can confidently say we are a leading expert on acoustic fencing and walls. We can leverage this experience to provide you with the best advice for reducing noise in your yard, thus giving you the peace and quiet you are craving.



Understanding your noise issue

Many factors come into play when assessing your fence’s acoustic performance and the need to reduce noise in your yard.

  • What are you trying to achieve and why?
  • What is the noise source, and what type of noise is it?
  • Is the source of the sound above or below your fence height?
  • Is the noise a low (bass sound) or high pitch sound?
  • What height is the current fence?
  • Are there gaps in or under the fence?
  • Is noise bouncing off the side of your house or another surface? (i.e. do you have a noise abatement issue?)

Which type of noise are you trying to reduce? 

  • Lawnmowers
  • Kids shrieking
  • Loud music
  • Barking dogs
  • Road and traffic noise
  • Pool pumps
  • Air-conditioning units

The above considerations will help determine if acoustic fencing will help your noise concerns. For more on noise sources and types of noise, we recommend reading ‘Reduce Noise with Acoustic Fencing in Your Backyard.’

There is no such thing as a soundproof fence - SlimWall boundary fence reduces backyard noise

How to test your current noise levels 

A great way to test your current noise levels is with an app on your mobile phone, such as Decibel X: dB Noise Meter. An app is a fast and easy way to test decibel levels, helping determine the best way forward.

Why there is no such thing as a soundproof fence

Many factors affect sound travelling in and out of your yard in an outdoor environment. Therefore, a soundproof fence does not exist. Plus, each situation will have different circumstances, so what works for one yard might not work for another.

Acoustic Fence | ModularWalls

There is no such thing as a soundproof fence, but there is acoustic fencing

As Australian homes become closer together than ever before and Australia’s population grows, the need for residential noise barriers increases. Given these points, ModularWalls acoustic fencing can help. Tested by the National Acoustic Laboratory of Australia, ModularWalls are proven to provide up to a 25+dB noise reduction.

Acoustic fencing

Acoustic fence panels are highly effective at reducing airborne noise, i.e. noise travelling through the air, such as barking dogs and lawnmowers. In these circumstances, the closer you are to the sound barrier fence, or the closer the noise is to the sound barrier fence, the better the results.

Generally, the higher you can build the sound barrier fence, the more effective it will be. For example, a fence or wall can be effective from 20 meters away if you build the wall higher and block the line of sight.

To reduce noise from road and traffic noise, we recommend building a noise barrier within 10 metres of the road. As mentioned, ModularWalls’ residential range of products can offer 20-25+dB noise reduction and give a high-end modern finish. These noise-reducing walls are so effective McDonald’s, Caltex, KFC, Aldi, Coles and Woolworths (to name a few) use them extensively to reduce noise for surrounding residents.

There is no such thing as a soundproof fence - Create acoustic privacy with ModularWalls

Sound absorbing enclosures

As mentioned above, there are different types of noise and sources of noise. Suppose you are trying to reduce the constant noise from a pool pump or air-conditioning unit (AC). The issue with reducing noise from pool and AC units is that they typically need to have ventilation. If you have an open-top and a reflective wall around the unit, the noise will reflect off the wall, back against the house and back over the fence. However, a sound-absorbing solution will absorb the sound and stop any reflection. As a result, a roof is not generally required.

To reduce pool pump and air-conditioner noise, a more robust solution such as AcoustiSorb is preferable. AcoustiSorb comprises an environmentally friendly PET core, and its sound-absorbing properties keep the sound within its core.

As can be seen, each circumstance differs in terms of noise type and the best solution for you. So, whatever acoustic fencing solution you choose, ModularWalls offers the benefits of reducing noise and giving a high-end modern finish.

Above all, if someone promises you soundproof fencing, remember, there is no such thing as a soundproof fence!

If you need any assistance with your noise issue, we are happy to help. Send us a photo of your backyard, and we can assist with your concerns.

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