TrendWall® acoustic barrier with integrated retaining for McDonald’s Tugun

  • 2 minutes
  • 24 August 2020

As part of the renovation and expansion of McDonald’s Tugun, ModularWalls was engaged to supply a sophisticated acoustic barrier with a rapid build schedule.

Working closely with SJ Higgins, the wall design needed to meet acoustic specifications while requiring earth-retaining capabilities. Utilising a dual-panel solution within the TrendWall modular wall system, we could easily meet both requirements, negating the cost and time blow-outs of installing two separate solutions.

AcoustiMax® acoustic barrier panels

Addressing the acoustic attenuation needs, our proprietary AcoustiMax75 panels provided an average ~20-25dB reduction. Due to its unique balance of performance, aesthetics and price point, AcoustiMax remains our most popular acoustic barrier panel. As a result, it’s used extensively within the hospitality and retail space. Examples include KFCshopping centres and several McDonald’s restaurants across Australia.

TerraFirm® retaining panels

As mentioned above, the acoustic barrier needed to meet retaining requirements. Therefore, specialised TerraFirm retaining panels were integrated into the bottom of the TrendWall acoustic barrier. This seamless dual-panel solution retained up to 600mm of soil while offering an aesthetically ‘invisible’ finish.

The installation required manual hand-digging to navigate existing services running along the wall line. However, harnessing the efficiency of modular construction methodologies ensured the installation of this high-performance post and panel system within a rapid time frame. The acoustic wall measures 2.1m high x 90m long and is painted in McDonald’s corporate colours. The final solution delivers the perfect combination of sophisticated aesthetics and high-performance capabilities.

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