AcoustiSorb® acoustic enclosures for Woolworths Preston rooftops

  • 2 minutes
  • 23 December 2020

One of the most challenging installations to date, ModularWalls was engaged for a seemingly impossible brief, including six AcoustiSorb acoustic enclosures for Woolworths Prestons.

AcoustiSorb Acoustic Enclosure for Woolworths Rooftops | ModularWalls

Highly challenging acoustic enclosure design brief

Woolworths Prestons received numerous residential complaints due to the noise generated by HVAC, refrigeration and venting systems mounted to their rooftop. Following an acoustic report, Woolworths‘ acoustic engineers specified a high-performance noise absorption solution for each of the roof penetrations and HVAC units.

However, site conditions posed considerable challenges for this project. Firstly, the enclosures were to be installed atop a tin roof with no platforms to build off. This posed numerous engineering challenges, as well as  access limitations for installation.

Secondly, the required heights of the acoustic enclosures were quite tall, for rooftop enclosures; this further increased the already substantial wind loading considerations.

AcoustiSorb® acoustic enclosure

Many solutions on the market were not able to overcome these challenges. However, ModularWalls has fast become the market leader for advanced acoustic solutions; and this project was further testament to their reputation for innovation.

Utilising AcoustiSorb panels, the clients were able to achieve an NRC rating in excess of 0.9. One of the highest performing acoustic panels on the market, this comfortably met the specified acoustic attenuation.

All materials were prefinished and craned onto the roof, with installation teams working under extremely challenging conditions and weather exposure.

Innovative inhouse engineering

Additionally, ModularWalls’ in-house engineering team were able to design a solution that allowed the panels to attach directly to the roof sheeting, through to the structural roof supports beneath. Furthermore, a custom-tensioned cable support system was installed to the structural members; this successfully braced each acoustic enclosure against the considerable wind loadings in any direction.

Without a doubt one of the most challenging installations to date, ModularWalls completed the project with efficiency and elegance. The final AcoustiSorb enclosures ranged from 2.4m to 3m in height, with prefinished exterior faces boasting a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic.

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