Ten striking boundary wall ideas

  • 4 minutes
  • 3 April 2024

Boundary walls are not just for property demarcation – they allow you to express your unique style and personality.  They provide serenity from the outside world, offer security for you and your family, and frame your outdoor space. So, give your space the backdrop it deserves with these unique boundary wall ideas. 

1. Boundary wall with integrated lighting

Oak and Orange created a striking boundary wall for this corner block – and integrated lighting truly took things to the next level! The home demanded a grand entrance from both front and side facades, and accent lighting illuminated the outdoor space in style.  

Integrated lighting takes boundary wall ideas to the next level

2. Contrasting boundary wall ideas: timber infills

Mixing and matching textures and materials creates a dynamic effect. A ModularWalls fence or wall paired with timber infills creates a stripped-back, luxurious result that’s sure to be the envy of your neighbours. The Designory chose a combination of VogueWall®, TrendWall® and timber battens for a sophisticated look with an edge. ModularWalls’ smooth surface contrasts perfectly with the rustic timber, framing and complementing the architectural facade. 

Timber infills truly elevate boundary walls to the next level

3. Integrated retaining boundary wall ideas

Our TerraFirm® solution is your secret weapon for sloping blocks and uneven ground. TerraFirm® retaining panels seamlessly integrate with the ModularWalls range of wall and fence solutions for a uniform, cohesive look. Plus, TerraFirm® can accommodate up to 750mm of retaining – form meets function for this boundary wall idea. 

Integrated retaining boundary walls

4. Boundary wall with cladding

Make a statement with cladding to add depth and character to your boundary wall design. Take inspiration from this DIY project, where ModularWalls customer Blake installed James Hardie Oblique cladding for a contemporary, coastal result. By choosing additional customisation with DecoWood battens, Blake was able to effortlessly create the beachy look he desired. 

Beachy boundary wall ideas

 5. Boundary wall with lattice

Lattice infills ideally complement the charming cottage aesthetic of Shaynna Blaze’s Country Home Rescue.  In fact, ModularWalls’ ability to be customised and personalised was a significant factor that influenced Shaynna’s decision! A trellis complements the lattice infills to encourage her ivy plants to climb and flourish along the walls, resulting in a decidedly rustic result.  

Lattice infills are a great option for a cottage look

6. Aluminium slats: boundary wall ideas

Slats have become a popular choice of infill over the years, and they aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon. Aluminium slats add detail to your wall design – whether you choose horizontal or vertical slats, eye-catching results are guaranteed!

Aluminium slat infills add flair and interest

7. Cohesive boundary wall ideas

Sometimes, complementary is preferable to contrasting and you may be looking for a boundary wall that blends with the aesthetic of your home. Painting your boundary walls in the exact colour to match your home’s facade creates a cohesive, seamless extension. Enjoy a uniform result that enhances and complements the beauty of your home.  

Cohesive boundary walls blend with the aesthetic of your home

8. Mural boundary wall

A mural is a surefire way to inject a sense of colour and creativity into your homeDue to the smooth panel surface and monolithic structure, ModularWalls is the ideal canvas to express your creativity and add personality with a wall mural. Hear from a recent ModularWalls customer, who installed a striking mural to her TrendWall®:

“Everyone who comes over can’t get over how good the fence looks! I’m so lucky – it’s truly something else. I’m really happy I chose ModularWalls. It wouldn’t be possible to do this on any other type of fence.”   

Mural boundary wall

9. Decorative infills

Achieve a subtly striking finish with laser-cut decorative fence panels. These can be found online or readily purchased at your local Bunnings warehouse. Decorative infills add interest and flair, providing a designer edge for your project. For example, this customer has integrated decorative screens in a tone that complements the rest of the wall for a modern finish.

Decorative infills add flair

10. Textured wall finishes

Finally, adding a textured, Tuscan-style finish to your boundary wall will create a jaw-dropping result. Create a textured finish with sand-based paint to make a statement and create a focal point for your outdoor space. There are plenty of different ways to achieve a textured finish with ModularWalls; check out our guide here  We recommend the Dulux AcraSand and AcraGuard range for a durable, hardwearing solutionHowever, if adding a textured finish to your entire wall seems a little overwhelming, consider installing the textured finish to just a few panels.  

A textured boundary wall adds flair and interest

Boundary walls: more than just a barrier

Boundary walls are more than just a barrier between your home and the outside world – they are a canvas to display your style and an extension of the aesthetics of your space. From integrated lighting to decorative infills, our selection of boundary wall ideas is bound to spark creativity!