Winter-proof your outdoor entertaining courtyard area

  • 4 minutes
  • 8 May 2024

The cooler seasons are upon us, and those of us who aren’t blessed with tropical climates all year round are beginning to feel a chill in the air. The layers are increasing, and the temperatures are decreasing, but that doesn’t mean that your outdoor courtyard needs to go unused. Here are some tips on beating the winter weather and getting the most out of your courtyard during the cooler months.   

Katesparks DIY projects outdoor courtyard with bench seats and fire pit


Gimme shelter

Ensure your winter outdoor courtyard has plenty of shelter from the elements to ensure comfort, no matter the weather forecast. 

  • Café blinds or accordion screens around courtyards and patios can deter wind and rain from ruining al-fresco plans.  
  • Select a corner of your courtyard and create a nook for frosty days. ModularWalls is a perfect wind block to create a cosy corner shielded from the chilly breeze. Voila, you’ve created space to relax and soak up the magical winter sun in your own slice of winter heaven!  
  • Strategically located gazebos and pergolas are ideal for those days when that pesky, on-again-off-again winter rain won’t seem to let up. 
Create a sheltered nook with ModularWalls

Light it up: next-level lighting options

Once again, the days are getting shorter, and our evenings are getting dark much earlier. Ensure that your courtyard has enough lighting to brighten up the yard and add a comfortable glow. Opt for warm white or yellow lighting to add a heartening radiance to your space. 

  • Fairy lights are a gentle way of introducing light to compact spaces and add a magical touch to a trellis or courtyard ceiling. 
  • Candles are a beautiful way to add create natural, flattering light. Lanterns, lawn torches and tea lights will elevate your aesthetic – use flame to create a visual warmth in your backyard winter wonderland. 
  • For a more permanent option, install lighting features within your boundary walls for a cohesive, durable solution. 
Incorporating lighting within your ModularWall will help to extend your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces

Fire away: connect around the fire

An outdoor fireplace is the perfect way to keep warm and connect with loved ones during the cooler months. Fires also add a dramatic aesthetic to your backyard during the winter, and numerous options are available. Choose a store-bought fireplace, or, for those who love to DIY, create one yourself from repurposed materials! Whether you choose an entire fireplace structure or a lower-maintenance dish option, there are fires to suit your space, style and budget.  

For a more enclosed fireplace option, consider small backyard chimneys and pizza ovens: these are a great way to add a grand structural element to your yard. 

A fire prompts connection

Create warmth with outdoor styling

Decorate your outdoor courtyard area with plush blankets and soft pillows while you enjoy the crisp, fresh air. 

  • Neutral block tones will lend an air of sophisticated charm.   
  • Bold patterns can add a splash of colour. 
  • Fluffy, shaggy throws give a wild, rustic feel.  
  • A heated throw blanket works wonders if you have an outdoor powerpoint (ensuring proper safety precautions are taken). 
Styling and furniture can help to add warmth and create a welcoming atmosphere

Turn up the heat

Outdoor heaters provide a touch of cosy charm for any outdoor setting – and are particularly ideal for those clear (but cold!) winter evenings. Flick on the heater, slip on a coat and enjoy the beautiful stars during even the frostiest of evenings.  

An outdoor heater goes a long way when it comes to warming up an outdoor courtyard

Bubbling over

A hot tub or jacuzzi is a fun way to entice some outdoor activities during the brisk months of autumn and winter. Crank up the bubbles and sink into the soothing warmth! Position an esky and a tray of nibbles nearby and you’re set for the night. Don’t forget to have some thick, warm towels in reach for when you need to get out! For an extra special touch, have fluffy robes and slippers waiting with your towels so you can slip into something warm and comfortable. 

An outdoor jacuzzi or hot tub is an ideal addition to your outdoor courtyard


No matter your budget or your setting, if you fill your space with warming elements  your outdoor area will be appreciated all year round. Break out the heaters, slip into something warm and enjoy some fresh air, watching the seasons change.  

If you want to update your courtyard area, consider the sophisticated, premium wall and fencing options available with ModularWalls.