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  • 11 November 2021

Blur the lines between inside and out with these outdoor area ideas. Whether you wish to make significant changes, such as installing sliding doors or a few décor changes, there is something for every budget. A well-designed outdoor area can give the illusion of a larger living space. Plus, it can often create a sense of connection inside and out. Whether you have a small or large home, the following outdoor area ideas will help bring it all together so you can maximise both spaces year-round.

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Structural outdoor area ideas to link indoor and outdoor spaces


Firstly, windows and glass doors are always a fantastic way to connect inside and out. Do you have walls that can be removed and replaced with large sliding or bi-fold doors? Depending on the size of the opening, a cavity sliding door will completely open the space and be out of sight when open. The result is a seamless connection inside and out, especially if the cavity sliding door uses tracks integrated into the flooring.

However, you may wish for a better indoor-outdoor connection between your kitchen and deck. In this instance, the perfect outdoor area ideas include bi-fold windows or large servery windows, as seen in Three Birds Renovations Houses 13 and 14. With the windows open, anyone in the kitchen can be part of the conversation happening out on the deck or patio. In addition, suppose you have a pool; a servery window is also a great way to pass drinks and snacks outside without having water tracked into the house!

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Another great outdoor area idea to ensure a seamless connection inside and out is to have level flooring using the same materials. Consistent flooring carries the eye from one space to the other; polished concrete is a great example. However, if your outdoor area is open to the elements, the same flooring may not be possible. In these instances, try to match the floor colours and ensure the outdoor flooring is weather resistant and non-slip!

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If you’re planning to add a roof structure to your outdoor space, continue the same design from inside to out. For example, use the same colour paint on the ceiling and incorporate matching light fixtures, whether downlights or pendants. But don’t forget to include a ceiling fan if you live in a warm climate. Plus, add skylights for additional natural light, especially if you have skylights inside your home. The continuity from inside to out will help ensure your outdoor area appears as an extension of your home. Other outdoor area ideas include adding a variety of light sources just as you would inside. These may consist of lanterns, candles, hanging string lights and following the lighting design into the garden.

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Built-in elements

Also, look for other ways to carry the eye from inside to out. Ways to achieve this include continuing a bench or bench seat using the same height and materials from inside to out. The eye will follow the line of the bench and create an immediate connection, just like Three Birds Renovations House 14 BBQ patio.

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Three Birds Renovations House 14 BBQ patio

Decorative outdoor area ideas to link indoor and outdoor spaces

With the structure in place, the fun can begin! Even if you don’t have the budget for structural changes, a consistent design style inside and out will connect both spaces. For example, if your interior style is coastal design, then ensure this style carries over to your outdoor space. The Coastal Barn Dream is an excellent example of achieving a seamless aesthetic both indoors and outdoors. 

Colour palette 

Using the same colour palette as the interior will immediately connect the two areas giving the impression of a larger space. Giving the interior a new coat of paint will also help brighten the inside and provide both areas with a fresh look.


The same rule applies to furniture — use the same style outside that you use inside. For example, if your home’s aesthetic is mid-century modern, look for outdoor pieces to fit this style. Or, if you want to update your home with a coastal design, rattan furniture offers a fantastic natural look.

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As mentioned previously, matching the flooring is a great way to give a sense of connection. But also look at other materials used inside your home to replicate, such as tile, wood, stone, marble, or concrete for a cohesive feel.


By the same token, use décor to add the same textures and materials. A quick and inexpensive option is using matching cushions in both areas. Then finish off the space with a complementary rug to tie it together. Then add final touches with table settings, planters, serving boards and even glassware.

Lastly, to complete your outdoor area ideas, bring the outdoors inside with a few matching pot plants and greenery added to your interior space.

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As can be seen, many outdoor area ideas can transform your home into a cohesive space that flows seamlessly from inside to out. But don’t stop there. Why not consider other areas of your home to bring the outdoors in and vice versa, like a home office, bedroom, or a reading nook. Regardless of where you add an internal-external connection to your home, it will undoubtedly give a wonderful link to the outside.