Design Trend – Coastal Design

  • 3 minutes
  • 15 July 2021

This month, we look at the coastal design trend that is sweeping Australia. We’ll walk you through what this design trend is and how to achieve it yourself!

What is coastal design?

Coastal design is everywhere right now, from Three Birds Renovations to The Coastal Barn Dream. This aesthetic is on-trend and will undoubtedly be for some time as it suits our Australian way of life and climate so well.

Coastal is an incredibly natural look, focusing on natural materials, light fabrics, and neutral colours. There are even sub-categories within coastal design, including boho coastal, modern coastal and rural coastal – though they all draw on the same overall themes mentioned.

Coastal is not the same as a nautical design, where anchor print and seashells reign supreme. Instead, it is a simplified take on a beachside inspired aesthetic.

It’s also different from Hamptons style. While they can look similar, Hamptons is grander and more luxurious. The interiors are more elegant, and the accents are darker. Coastal style is raw and understated. Check out more differences between the two here!

Sarah Ellison - Halston Table

Sarah Ellison — console table

How to get the coastal look

Getting the coastal look is easy if you remember a few fundamental rules. Firstly, it is important to stick to the coastal colour palette. You can’t go wrong working accent colours into a beige or a white on white colour scheme.

Secondly, keep the coastal theme running throughout your home. We love a matching interior and exterior design, and coastal does this flawlessly; look at Three Birds Renovations House 13.

Three Birds House 13

Three Birds Renovations House 13Uniqwa singita single seater outdoor sofas

Then all you need to do is plan out your zones and evaluate the interior décor you will need, including coastal wall art, rugs, cushions and lighting. Lastly, don’t forget some key outdoor pieces in natural materials such as rattan, wicker or light wood to complete the look. You can even paint your ModularWalls in the same colour palette to help create a seamless transition from inside to out.

Coastal style is all about a relaxed vibe; here are just a few ideas on achieving this simple yet stunning look!

Interior coastal inspiration

From lighting to prints and furniture, we’ve found some fantastic examples of how to weave the coastal look through your home:

Exterior coastal inspiration

Coastal design works beautifully in an outdoor setting, and we’ve got a few great suggestions to get this look in your backyard and exterior:

Coastal design is a timeless trend that will look great in any home. So take inspiration from Three Birds Renovations, Coastal Barn Dream, and The Block, or simply create your own coastal style. Whichever style you choose, you can’t go wrong starting with a white on white colour scheme, adding colour and natural finishes. Above all, you want your home to feel warm and inviting and be a relaxing place to enjoy with family and friends.