Before and after backyard reveals

  • 3 minutes
  • 16 March 2023

Having a beautiful backyard is every homeowner’s dream. But sometimes, it can be hard to visualise the best use of your space. Do you want privacy to relax, functionality to cook and entertain or the ultimate indoor-outdoor living experience? Take inspiration from these amazing before and after backyard reveals, then begin planning your dream backyard, starting with ModularWalls.

Before: A bare and unappealing backyard

This backyard needed character and to be more inviting. The grass was patchy, and the outdoor space was underutilised, but what a truly outstanding before and after backyard reveal this is – and the ModularWalls SlimWall was installed as a DIY project! The very impressive colour scheme is also the homeowner’s creation.

After: A backyard oasis

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Starting the transformation by installing the SlimWall fence, this backyard soon became a private oasis. The new fence provides security and privacy, making relaxing and enjoying the space easier. Adding new plants creates a welcoming environment, and the new outdoor furniture completes the transformation.


Before: A sloping backyard and tired veranda


With a small, uninviting veranda, this sloping backyard was challenging to use. Overall, the outdoor area needed more functionality, as it was difficult for this family of five to enjoy. As you will see, this is an amazing before and after reveal and, again, a DIY project.

After: A dream entertaining space

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As this before and after backyard reveal shows, this sloping backyard became a dream entertaining space. Firstly, the retaining wall with ModularWalls’ TrendWall and TerraFirm retaining panels helps create separate zones in the backyard. The grass area is perfect for the kids to play, and the fire pit is a great spot to escape it all. Secondly, the widened and updated veranda includes an outdoor kitchen, lounge and dining area resulting in a functional space that optimises indoor-outdoor living.

Before: A backyard lacking privacy

This backyard was outdated, with an old fence that was falling apart. Not to mention the space didn’t offer any privacy and very little security. This before and after renovation shows what you can achieve with planning and creativity.

After: A private and secure backyard

After installing the ModularWalls VogueWall (customised with v-joint panelling and integrated lighting), this backyard became a private and secure space. The addition of the pool has truly transformed the whole outdoor area, making it a perfect place to relax and unwind.

As these amazing before and after renovations showcase, investing in a new boundary fence or pool feature wall can transform your backyard. Take your outdoor area from uninviting and neglected to beautiful and functional. Then with the added privacy and security, you can enjoy your backyard to the fullest.