Before and after outdoor reveals

  • 4 minutes
  • 21 February 2024

Take inspiration from these jaw-dropping before and after backyard reveals to begin a backyard transformation of your very own. Creating an outdoor space that reflects your style and personality is now easier than ever with ModularWalls. 

Before: A backyard lacking privacy

 This backyard was outdated, with a dilapidated old fence that was falling apart, providing limited privacy and very little security. This before and after renovation illustrates what can be achieved with planning and a keen eye for design! 

After: A private and secure backyard

The addition of the pool has truly transformed the whole outdoor area, making it a perfect place to relax and unwind. This backyard became a private and secure haven, and the integrated lighting means the homeowner can enjoy their outdoor area around the clock. 

Additionally, the vertical joint panelling detail provides serious wow factor and makes this before and after transformation even more unique.

Before: a dated white picket fence

Here, the front fence was a dated, rickety picket fence. The customer sought a solution to provide privacy and security for their front yard. They wanted to create a front yard that was a peaceful oasis for their year-round enjoyment, particularly as their backyard was smaller in comparison.  

After: a front yard that makes a statement

ModularWalls EstateWall® was installed as a front wall to make a grand statement, with an additional stone cladding feature applied following installation for design flair. Then, SlimWall® was used to enclose the inside perimeter along the driveway to create a secure front yard spaceThe sleek, slimline nature of SlimWall® meant that the customer could enjoy all the usable space, resulting in a functional, aesthetically pleasing front yard space (complete with a woodfire pizza oven!).  

Before: a deteriorating timber fence

This homeowner required a new front and boundary fence for her property, as the existing timber fence was rapidly deteriorating. Coupled with increased crime in the neighbourhood, the homeowner sought a solution that ensured privacy and security. 

After: a striking, colourful mural wall

TrendWall® was chosen for the boundary due to its sturdy nature and capability to reach impressive heights. A total height of 1.8m was achieved, meaning passers-by could not easily peer into the backyard area. Plus, integrating a gate seamlessly within the boundary fence brought additional peace of mind for the homeowner. 

“Above all, the thing that sold me on ModularWalls was the installation of the seamless gate to match the fence – it makes me feel a lot safer.” 

Before: a mismatched steel fence

Previously, the pool fence was constructed from two different shades and styles of metal fencingThe assortment of materials and colours gave the backyard and pool area a dated, incohesive appearance.

After: a bold, cohesive pool and boundary wall

SlimWall® with aluminium posts was selected to create a uniform, cohesive pool wall. The versatile nature of SlimWall® meant that the original brickwork retaining feature could remain in situ, providing additional design flair. Additionally, the homeowner could now enjoy increased visual and acoustic privacy, mainly as the home was located next to public parklands. The finishing touches for this reveal included a coat of bold black paint and the installation of lighting to extend the enjoyment of the pool area.  

Before: A bare and unappealing backyard

This backyard needed character and to be more inviting. The grass was patchy, and the outdoor space was underutilised, but what a truly outstanding before and after backyard DIY reveal this is! The very impressive colour scheme is also the homeowner’s creation. 

After: A backyard oasis

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Starting the transformation by installing the SlimWall® fence, this backyard soon became a private oasis. The new fence provides security and privacy, making relaxing and enjoying the space easier. Adding new plants creates a welcoming environment, and the new outdoor furniture completes the transformation.

A jaw-dropping before and after transformation is well within your reach.

As these inspiring before and after renovations showcase, investing in a new outdoor wall or fence can immediately transform your backyard. Take your outdoor space from dated and drab, to striking and functional. Plus, with the added benefits of security and privacy, you can create an outdoor area for you and your family to enjoy with confidence.