Refine your outdoor area with a retaining wall fence

  • 3 minutes
  • 10 October 2023

With many Australian outdoor spaces situated on stepped or sloping sites, an integrated retaining wall fence is a useful tool for managing uneven ground to maximise usable space. Keep reading to find out why an integrated retaining wall solution is the first choice for thousands of Australian homeowners.  

Before and after - integrated retaining wall fence

Left – Before, Right – After

Choosing an integrated retaining wall fence

When designing your outdoor space, there are numerous factors to consider – budget, design inspiration and ease of installation. That’s where ModularWalls’ TerraFirm® integrated retaining wall fence solution comes in.  

Traditionally, retaining walls and fences are kept separate, which can lead to a disjointed aesthetic and an unfinished look. The TerraFirm® panel changes the game by seamlessly integrating the retaining wall and fence into one cohesive, premium design. 

There are many benefits to enjoy by choosing an integrated retaining wall fence

A cohesive design solution

The innovative TerraFirm® panel replaces the need for timber or concrete sleepers, allowing the integration of the retaining wall and fence into one seamless design – resulting in a consistent, visually appealing project.  

The TerraFirm® panel seamlessly integrates with ModularWalls’ boundary walls and fencing solutions to create a high-functioning wall structure. Achieve a sleek finish by choosing SlimWall® with integrated retaining. Conversely, make a statement with VogueWall® – the design options are endless.

Alternatively, take a leaf out of Andrew Winter’s book and choose TrendWall® with integrated retaining panels (the perfect option for poolside and coastal applications).

Achieve a premium retaining wall fence with ModularWalls' TerraFirm

A premium, high-end retaining wall fence

Once painted, ModularWalls’ range of products with integrated TerraFirm® retaining walls closely resemble rendered masonry walls, with a minimised risk of cracking or staining.  

Paint, render, or finish the integrated solution in any colour or texture that complements your outdoor design.  

Sleek, contemporary retaining walls with ModularWalls

Streamlined installation

With fewer trades needed on-site and minimal machinery requirements when compared to traditional concrete sleeper retaining walls, TerraFirm® offers a cost-effective, straightforward installation process.  The lightweight reinforced composite TerraFirm® retaining panels are faster and safer to install than concrete retaining walls. 

Find out how a leading property developer enjoyed significant cost-savings by choosing TerraFirm®

SlimWall with integrated TerraFirm retaining panels gives a premium finish

Maximising usable space with TerraFirm®

Unlike traditional retaining walls, TerraFirm® does not require strip footings. Furthermore, an increase in the post centres can result in fewer footings than traditional concrete sleepers. 

With TerraFirm®, it’s possible to not only maximise the usable space in your outdoor area, but also to minimise disruption of underground services.  

Retaining wall fence with integrated lighting

An enduring retaining wall fence

The fibre-cement outer skin of TerraFirm® retaining panels is low maintenance and is less susceptible to water leaching or cracking*, allowing for a long-term premium finish.  

In addition, the fibre-cement surface is more flexible than concrete sleepers and is, therefore, less susceptible to cracking.  

 A retaining wall fence doesn't need to be bulky or traditional

There’s no need to settle for the bulky, traditional options of concrete or timber sleeper retaining walls any longer.  

Incorporating boundary fence and earth retaining functions into a single wall structure, TerraFirm® retaining wall panels create durable and seamless retaining walls. TerraFirm® offers easy, efficient installation. With TerraFirm®, it’s possible to  to maximise the usable space in your outdoor areas – setting a new standard for the retaining wall fence market. 

*Please note, correct drainage must be installed prior to installation to minimise risk of leaching and cracking.