SlimWall®with integrated retaining walls used for entire property development

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  • 15 September 2017

A brand new master-planned development offering accessible, modern living were keen to differentiate themselves from other nearby property developments; acoustic fencing was the key.

After the client conducted a comprehensive search on fencing alternatives, they approached the team at ModularWalls. Following a successful trial across display houses, they committed to SlimWall acoustic fencing across the entire development and are delighted with the results.

As a premium fencing alternative with a designer finish, SlimWall fitted the brief perfectly, leading the market in four main categories:

Property development noise attenuation through acoustic fencing

With proven acoustic benefits, SlimWall blocks urban noise four times more effectively than common fencing products, with a 20+dB reduction ensuring a sense of tranquillity for their community.

Residential Courtyard Wall Systems

Premium aesthetics

The pleasing, premium and customisable aesthetics of SlimWall was the primary reason the client selected it over timber or metal alternatives. Other architectural elements such as lighting, gates, slats and letterboxes were also easily included, enhancing the finished design.

Residential Courtyard Wall Systems

Integrated retaining walls

With integrated retaining panels, SlimWall is capable of retaining soil loads up to 500mm high, which the client utilised for every lot in the property development. This saved the client significant costs compared to traditional retaining solutions, as well as minimised material waste and trade diversification.

Residential Courtyard Wall Systems

SlimWall Installation

Due to its lightweight composition and modular configuration, installation is incredibly fast and simple. The team assisted with onsite training for the first stage of the fence installation for the property development, and then 24/7 technical support across all project areas.

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