Retaining wall ideas for your backyard

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  • 3 August 2023

Looking to level up your outdoor area, enhance functionality, and add visual interest? Look no further! Check out our range of innovative retaining wall ideas to take your outdoor space to the next level.  

What is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is a wall that holds a mass of earth in place. Often used to help prevent soil and plant life from overrunning elevated terrains, retaining walls are ideal for managing a sloping block or creating zones in your outdoor area.  

Retaining wall ideas to bring your outdoor space alive

Contain and refine: retaining wall ideas

Complement and enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space with a retaining wall. ModularWalls retaining walls are similar in appearance to a rendered brick wall, with a far easier and quicker installation process. The lightweight, modular nature of ModularWalls allows for easy installation in a matter of days (saving you considerable time and money!). 

Retaining walls can create an eye-catching feature garden beds

Integration for a sleek finish

Choosing an integrated retaining wall and fence solution can be cost-effective and efficient. 

ModularWalls’ innovative TerraFirm®  technology means you can seamlessly integrate the retaining panels within your wall or fence as required, allowing you to maximise your usable outdoor space.  

TerraFirm® can be integrated with all ModularWalls’ residential systems (including SlimWall®, TrendWall®, VogueWall® and EstateWall®) meaning there’s no need to mix or combine different styles of fencing. Keep reading to ensure you use the correct drainage.  

ModularWalls innovative TerraFirm technology makes for seamless integration

Create outdoor zones with retaining wall solutions

Retaining walls are an excellent way to maximise your usable outdoor space, particularly when faced with an uneven or sloping block. You can create an outdoor entertaining area or stylish pool area seating – the choice is yours! 

Retaining walls are a great way to maximise usable space

Garden beds and backyard features made easy

Elevate your garden and create a feature garden bed using retaining walls to help your plantspop. Alternatively, consider a tiered backyard to transform your sloping block into something special.

VogueWall Retaining Wall

Express your style, customise your retaining wall design

The options to customise your retaining walls are limitless. You could choose a sleek finish by painting your retaining wall in the same tones as your house or create a retaining wall feature by choosing a contrasting colour.  

Add interest and further express your unique design aesthetic by choosing flush or external post tops and wall capping (available on VogueWall and EstateWall). 

Customise your ModularWalls to reflect your unique design style by choosing between flush or external post tops

Ensure proper drainage for long-lasting results

Before installation, it’s vital to ensure you have allowed for adequate drainage.  Failing to install sufficient drainage can lead to water accumulating behind the wall, so take the time to review your drainage to enjoy your outdoor space with confidence. 

Retaining wall ideas for all styles and tastes

Combining form and function with retaining walls

Retaining walls combine form and function, allowing you to optimise your outdoor space for style and enjoyment.  

The lightweight, durable ModularWalls retaining walls guarantee a stunning result. Integrated retaining walls are the optimum choice to level uneven ground, create outdoor zones or design a garden bed feature.   

Feeling inspired? Take a look at Kate Sparks’ DIY retaining wall project to see the incredible transformation made possible by ModularWalls! 


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