DIY Ideas — lawn alternatives

  • 4 minutes
  • 7 January 2024

Turf can be tough. We explore a range of lawn alternatives and grass replacement ideas. Give new life to that dust bowl of dried-out turf, or create something striking and unusual – the choice is yours!

We explore lawn alternatives for every size, style and budget

Why won’t my lawn grow?

Many factors could contribute to your unsuccessful attempts to create the perfect lawn. Inadequate water supply, poor soil conditions, insufficient light and climatic conditions all have powerful — and sometimes damaging — effects on turf.

However, instead of redesigning your entire outdoor area to save your lawn, ask yourself “Is it really worth it?”. Salvaging a lawn might mean making sacrifices like removing trees or investing in a new irrigation system, which brings cost and environmental implications.

Whilst lawns can affect property value, it may not be necessary to have so much of it, or to have it in certain places (or even at all!).

Low-maintenance lawn alternatives

Furthermore, lawns are one of the highest maintenance plants. When it’s struggling, it can run you ragged trying to salvage it and keep the weeds at bay. When it’s thriving, it can be even more work to maintain!

Alternatively, you may want to replace your lawn to create a more functional outdoor living zone. Sprawling lawns can be lovely, but they don’t serve much purpose if space is limited.

So, if you don’t have the time (or heart) to keep fighting the good fight, it’s time to explore the many available alternatives.

Turf and lawn substitutes

If you still really want that classic lawn look, fake it ’til you make it!

You’d be surprised by how soft and realistic certain artificial turf products are nowadays; the market has come a long way from its coarse, heat-sensitive predecessor. Take Jimmy and Tam’s lead, who installed a turf alternative in their recent outdoor renovation project for a striking, low-maintenance lawn.

Lawn alternatives and substitutes have come a long way.

Jimmy & Tam’s Palm Springs Paradise

Desert-inspired landscaping: a striking lawn alternative

Exotic, drought-tolerant gardens are perfect for those struggling to keep a thirsty lawn alive. Think: an abundance of cacti, succulents, sand and pebbles to create an on-trend, distinctly mid-century modern flair.

Desert inspired succulents and pebbles create a striking facade

Low-maintenance lawn alternatives: pave the way to success

A mixture of greenery and feature paving creates a dynamic, attractive outdoor space. Plus, paving or hard flooring reduces foot traffic, allowing the remaining lawn to flourish!

Paving provides a hardwearing, durable alternative to lawn.

Choose a tiered backyard as a lawn alternative

Elevate your outdoor space to new heights with a tiered garden. Retaining walls can transform your space into a multi-dimensional masterpiece, adding visual flair and  maximising the use of every inch of your landscape. Plus, retaining walls also serve the practical purpose of preventing soil erosion and creating distinct zones for diverse plant life.

A tiered backyard with retaining walls is an eye-catching alternative

An edible lawn alternative: veggie garden

Escape the ordinary and cultivate a vibrant, living masterpiece with a veggie garden. Grow your own edible oasis – a veggie garden is a source of fresh, homegrown produce. Embrace sustainable living – beyond the bountiful benefits, enjoy your veggie garden’s dynamic, ever-evolving landscape.

A veggie garden is an attractive, enjoyable option for lawn alternatives.

Install an outdoor fire pit

Ignite the spirit of outdoor living with the captivating ambience of an outdoor fire pit. Transforming your backyard into a year-round haven, a fire pit offers a source of heat and a focal point for social gatherings. Unlike the meticulous upkeep of a lawn, a fire pit requires minimal maintenance, providing maximum enjoyment with minimal effort.

An outdoor fire pit provides warmth and ambiance

Escape with an outdoor room

Beyond the traditional confines of a manicured lawn lies the allure of an outdoor room. An outdoor room seamlessly fuses comfort and aesthetics, and offers a versatile canvas for al fresco dining, entertaining guests, or indulging in a moment of solitude.

An outdoor room is a viable lawn alternative

Elevate your outdoor space with lawn alternatives

Your outdoor area is more than just a space —it’s an expression of your style and a celebration of the great outdoors. If your goal is to maximise the usable space, or to enjoy a more low-maintenance outdoor lifestyle, many lawn alternative options are available. Say goodbye to endless hours of mowing and maintenance and enjoy a stress-free, laid-back outdoor space!