10 DIY Outdoor Wall Art Projects

  • 4 minutes
  • 3 July 2017

DIY backyard walls are one thing, but what if you want to liven up your new blank canvas? Get inspired by our list of innovative projects and create your own beautiful wall art.

1. Framed succulents

Using a vintage picture frame and some chicken wire, you can make a spectacular living ‘painting’ that even Dorian Gray would be jealous of!

Carefully plant small baby succulents, mixed with air plants, in each diamond of chicken wire to create a lush masterpiece. Additionally, you can use the natural colours to create patterns within the artwork!

2. DIY Mosaic tiling

Accidentally knocked over that beautiful urn in the hallway? A storm blew over your favourite pot? Re-tiling the bathroom? Broken a mirror lately?

Turn that 7 years of bad luck into something beautiful, with a mosaic wall art feature. A surprisingly simple task – as long as you have some strong glue, some time and a patient disposition.

3. Old wire hangers

They’re horrendous for hanging clothes on, but wonderful for DIY art projects. Take all those old wires – the rustier, the better – and reshape them however you wish.

For some multimedia wall art structures, use the wire to border mirrors, make a web of gemstones or even entwine some air plants to incorporate the natural world.

4. Moss graffiti

Moss can be useful in terrariums or as ground cover in rock gardens, but the most innovative use is to decorate your outdoor walls with moss graffiti. Mix a clump or two of moss, 2 cups of buttermilk, 2 cups of water and half a teaspoon of sugar, and paint away!

However, if you’re worried that the material of your wall may be damaged by the moss’s moisture, paint the moss onto a board and hang it like you would any other painting.

5. Actual graffiti

Tagged trains and scribbles on the sides of fences have sullied the name of graffiti – but its artistic merits are fast gaining popularity and respect as an established artform. If you’ve a steady hand and a creative mind, why not grab some spray cans, cut out some stencils and go to work!

6. Murals

If spray paint seems a little too tricky, go back to basics and pick up those paintbrushes. A mural can be incredibly easy to execute with the right tools – simply use a projector to pencil your design onto your outdoor wall and start painting!

A fun, outdoor decor twist on the adult colouring book.

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7. Multimedia collage

Combining old, leftover materials is an amazing way to create a textural art piece that adds depth and interest to a blank wall.

Tiles, timber, metal, stone, natural objects, rope – an assortment of scraps in the garage can be turned into a piece of intrigue with the right creative mind.

8. Fairy light patterns

Fairy lights have made a chic come-back in outdoor design as of late, trailing up trellises and bordering patio eves. For an innovative yet simple idea, use nails to create a patterned path for your fairy lights.

Many fairy lights are also solar powered these days, enabling it to power itself and switch on automatically when it grows dark.

9. Macramé wall weaving

This wall art idea has seen a massive rise in boho home design recently and is a beautiful way to fill some space.

Many online tutorials, such as the one above, can be found for simple but stunning DIY macramé and weaving, with a variety of designs. Just make sure you use materials that can withstand the elements for your outdoor masterpiece!

10. Rope wall art

Adding further to the weaving ideas, rope art is another great way to up-cycle materials into a funky outdoor design.  Using knots, winding, twisting, braiding and weaving techniques, you can create an amazing pattern that is decorative in its own right, or can be used as a net to hang other things off.