Pool & outdoor wall ideas

  • 4 minutes
  • 27 September 2023

Take inspiration from the following outdoor wall ideas, including pool walls, outdoor privacy screens and even backdrops for your outdoor kitchen. In addition, take your outdoor wall to the next level with customisations such as lighting, tiling or even painting a colour combination.

Is a pool feature wall the wow factor your backyard needs?

pool wall or pool feature wall could be the answer to transforming your backyard design and solving your privacy or noise issues. ModularWalls offers two fantastic solutions with aluminium posts, making them perfect for a pool feature wall. 

  • SlimWall reaches heights up to 2.1 metres and has a 50mm thick panel.^*
  • TrendWall reaches heights up to 3 metres and has a 75mm thick panel.*

Generally, reaching heights over two metres can often block your neighbour’s line of sight into your backyard, giving you the privacy you desire. Subsequently, the higher the pool wall, the better it will reduce noise between yards. Unlike a timber fence with gaps between the palings, ModularWalls’ pool walls and fences are solid panels. As a result, noise transference reduces up to 25 decibels (25dB).

If you have neighbours exceptionally close to your backyard pool, then a section of SlimWall or TrendWall could be the perfect solution. As can be seen below, the pool wall runs the length of the pool to offer privacy and block the neighbour’s view into the pool area. 

SlimWall Blog outdoor wall ideas vertical garden

Similarly, this SlimWall pool wall below runs from the outdoor entertaining area to just past the end of the pool. The result is a stunning pool wall to match the pool’s aesthetic. Not to mention the wall blocks the line of sight from the next-door neighbours, and the tall wall height helps reduce noise travelling between yards.

White SlimWall pool wall and boundary fence creates a modern backdrop to the pool.

Outdoor wall ideas to complete your yard 

If you don’t have a pool, there are still many outdoor wall ideas to maximise your outdoor space. Firstly, whether opting for professional installation or DIY, ModularWalls make fantastic:

Regardless of the purpose of your outdoor wall, ModularWalls offers two other systems apart from SlimWall and TrendWall. These are: 

  • VogueWall reaches heights up to 3 metres and has a 75mm thick panel.*
  • EstateWall reaches heights up to 3 metres and has a 75mm thick panel.* EstateWall has our widest posts to emulate the look of a rendered masonry wall.

Suppose you have an area in your backyard you would like to utilise as an entertaining area that’s currently in full view of neighbours or the street. ModularWalls can easily act as a privacy screen to create a sense of seclusion. They can also be installed in front of the existing fence if needed, as seen below in Three Birds Renovations House 11.

Outdoor wall ideas: Three Birds Renovations House 11 - grey VogueWall privacy screen creates a cosy fire pit corner.

Read the case study — Three Birds Renovations House 11

Another outdoor wall idea to rejuvenate your backyard comes from Three Birds Renovations House 13. The clever use of a 3metre EstateWall blocks the neighbour’s view into the backyard. It also creates a modern backdrop to the outdoor pizza oven, perfectly matching the home’s coastal aesthetic.

Outdoor wall ideas: Three Birds Renovations House 13 featuring a white EstateWall privacy screen customised with outdoor lighting.

Three Birds Renovations — EstateWall feature wall

Now it’s time to consider customising your pool and outdoor wall ideas

Further to the noise reduction, privacy and other benefits, ModularWalls allow for many customisations. For instance, use Three Birds Renovations House 14 to inspire your pool and outdoor wall ideas. Then with a bit of creativity, your backyard will soon be the envy of the entire street.

Three Birds Renovations House 14 - SlimWall Pool Wall customised with tiles and towel hooks.

Read the case study — Three Birds Renovations House 14

Choose from the following customisations for your pool or outdoor wall. Your only limit is your imagination.

  • Decorative panels
  • Express joints
  • Lighting
  • Multiple paint colours
  • Murals
  • Slats
  • Stone cladding
  • Textured paint
  • Tiling
  • Towel hooks
  • Water feature

While you can customise your entire fence or wall, you may choose to customise just a few panels to create a focal point. As can be seen below, these savvy homeowners customised a section of the SlimWall fence using white subway tiles to complete this outdoor gourmet kitchen!

Outdoor entertaining area including an outdoor kitchen and dining area surrounded by a SlimWall boundary fence

All in all, there are endless outdoor wall ideas for standalone privacy screens, pool walls, or to accompany your dividing or boundary fence or wall. So, why not explore the possibilities and push the boundaries to achieve something extraordinary?

^SlimWall also has a steel post option, perfect for boundary and dividing fences, and more.
*The maximum height attainable for the different wall types will be influenced by various factors, including wind regions, soil conditions, topography and shielding.