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Improve Your Yard With These 15 DIY Projects

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Improving your yard can feel like a mammoth task — where exactly are you meant to start? The lawn is dying, the garden is a tangled mess, the fence is rotting and no one dares to sit on the outdoor furniture. Like all DIY projects, it’s best to break it up into smaller, bite-size jobs that you can tackle one at a time. Before you know it, your yard will have gone from “how..?!” to “wow!” in no time!

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The perfect landscaping

Does your yard flow organically, or does it feel cluttered or disconnected? Short of diving into a full feng shui analysis, understanding how you want to move through your outdoor space is a big part of improving it. Would some steps or a footbridge create a better flow? Do you need special landscaping solutions for a sloped block?  Now’s your chance to really reshape your yard; make sure the layout and foundations are right before anything else.

Garden makeover

It’s hard to make your yard look lively when your garden beds look like a graveyard. It’s time to remove weeds and struggling plants and replace them with some fresh life! Stay on trend with this season’s top architectural plants or create a low maintenance, highly sustainable ecosystem using permaculture gardening techniques!

DIY edible garden

Make your garden work for you with a DIY veggie patch! It’s a cost effective option for fresh produce, gardening becomes incredibly rewarding and, if done with children, it teaches responsibility, healthy eating and independent living practices. If you don’t have the space for a whole veggie patch, there’s a bunch of herbs and veggies that grow just fine in containers!

Improve Your Yard With These 15 DIY Projects } ModularWalls

DIY deck or paving

Whilst you’re landscaping, have a look at your layout — do you have a big enough space with hard flooring? If not, have a look at building your own decking area. If so, how are the materials doing? Does the desk need to be re-stained? Could you replace old fashioned or damaged pavers with more modern options? Having solid, dry footing is a truly important feature for a functional, social yard, so invest some time into getting it right!

Shaded areas

Aussie yards need to be weatherproof all year round — does your space have enough shade or enclosed areas? If not, adding a patio umbrella, awning or even a pergola could dramatically improve your outdoor lifestyle. For a truly luxe backyard feature, consider building an outdoor room!

Spring cleaning

Sometimes, all you need to improve your yard is a little tidying — a messy shed or unkempt lawn can really drag down the overall picture. Work through our checklist of backyard refresh projects and see how much of a difference it makes!

Summer-proofing your backyard

It’s also the perfect time to prepare your yard for the sizzlin’ summer ahead. From adequate shade, to cooling systems, to protecting your garden from frying, there are a bunch of helpful tips in our list of summer backyard life hacks! Trust us, you’ll be thanking yourself for doing it before the heat hits and all you can bear to do is lie under the A/C because your yard hasn’t been designed for sun safety!

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DIY fire pits…

The season of balmy nights spent out under the starts are fast approaching, and as a social focal point, what beats a fire? Save money on an extravagant fireplace with these phenomenal DIY fire pit designs and take one step closer to having your very own wilderness retreat. Perfect to sit around, cook on or simply take the edge off the slight chill of a late night breeze.

…and water features

They’re classy, they’re relaxing and they’re actually pretty easy to DIY. From simple dish designs to entire man-made ponds, you can find a wave of inspiration amongst these upcycled DIY water feature designs!

DIY wall art

If you’re looking to add some personality, sophistication or colour to your yard, indulge your creative side with a little DIY wall art! They’re fun, fairly simple and make for great crafternoons with the kids or like-minded friends!

Outdoor furniture overhaul

Are your outdoor seating options covered in mould or weather stains? Or perhaps they’re simply uncomfortable – those steel patio sets are hardy enough, but how long can you really sit in those seats for? If you’re looking to improve your yard, you first have to ensure that it’s a livable space. Our comprehensive guide to creating a comfortable outdoor living space is the perfect place to start analysing what needs updating. Once you’re ready to start, here are some awesome DIY furniture ideas that are budget friendly, stylish and super comfy!

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Outdoor kitchen

We know it sounds like a massive job – but honestly, if you break it down into smaller projects, this is completely doable DIY! Start with installing a BBQ stand or a small pizza oven. Then, add some bench space — perhaps with some vegetable planters along the back border. Next, you might want to add a sink, or a relaxed dining space. Before you know it, you have your very own outdoor kitchen!

Kid- and pet-friendly yards

If you have little ones in your home, you want to know that they can play outside without falling off, into or onto something dangerous. Create a safe haven from toxic plants or harmful tools with our backyard baby-proofing checklist and make sure your pool area is up to safety regulations.  On a far more fun note, transform your yard into an absolute wonderland with these DIY ‘dream playground’ designs and our DIY ideas to create a pet paradise!

DIY lighting project

Little transforms a backyard as quickly as some choice lighting. From simple planters, to solar lights, to LED strip lighting beneath stairs and benches, our list of striking lighting trends includes every level of DIYer!

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DIY fencing

The way you frame your outdoor space can have a dramatic effect on how it’s used. Do you feel secure and protected? Does it connect with your home’s interior style, or accentuate your newly rejuvenating garden? Is it creating a tranquil oasis, or is your outdoor lifestyle punctured by traffic, barking dogs, lawnmowers and the neighbour’s bad taste in music?

If you’re looking to update your fence, but bored of the timber or metal options that DIYers are usually faced with, perhaps DIY modular fencing is for you. It follows the same easy installation as post and rail fencing, but offers the sturdy, premium look of a rendered brick fence. It also offers a level of noise reduction that timber or metal fencing simply cannot match, and with the option to integrate retaining, lighting, letterboxes, slats or infills, this fencing product is truly revolutionary for DIYers.


Written by Evelyn Kandris

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