10 backyard lighting ideas for inspired outdoor design

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  • 22 June 2018

Lighting is great; good lighting is downright transformative. Bring warmth and depth to your outdoor design, highlight your landscaping and entertain from dusk ’til dawn with these stunning backyard lighting ideas! Whether you’re looking for subtle mood lighting, dramatic spotlighting or something in between, we’ve got the rundown on outdoor lighting trends.

1. Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting along steps, retaining walls, garden beds and beneath window sills are the hottest backyard lighting trend of 2018. The sleek, clean lines offer architectural structure, whilst the LED gives a surprisingly powerful glow to your outdoor area.

Outdoor Design Trends for 2018 - backyard lighting ideas

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2. Festoon string lights

Fairy lights have recently been replaced by retro festoon string lighting! Vintage globes with intricate inner coils add a robust, yet detailed aesthetic. String overhead courtyards or outdoor seating and dining areas, or drape along walls, pergolas and patios.

Festoon string lights - backyard lighting ideas

3. Outdoor Wall Lights

Wall lights are an easy way to light up large areas of your outdoor space, whilst also adding textural interest to your boundary fence. If you’re looking for a fence that easily integrates this backyard lighting idea, our ModularWalls and fence systems allow you to seamlessly run cabling and install lighting within the posts!

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4. Outdoor Floor Lamps

This year is all about bringing indoor comforts and styling into your outdoor spaces. Outdoor floor lamps provide a homey touch to your patio, courtyard or backyard, especially around an outdoor lounge setting. Just make sure how weatherproof they are; it may be safest to keep them in more protected outdoor spaces.


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5. Spotlights

Spotlights offer a rather dramatic lighting option. Point them up to highlight trees, plants or decorative features; point them down to shed light over a garden bed; install within steps or in-ground for a modern twist!

Outdoor Recessed Lighting

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6. Lanterns

This lighting option simply refuses to go out of style. From Moroccan-inspired metal designs, to warming fabric lanterns, to classic cast iron options, outdoor lanterns are sure to enhance your outdoor décor.

lantern lighting - backyard lighting ideas

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7. Hanging Pendent Lights

Another traditionally indoor lighting option, hanging pendant lights are slowly making their debut in outdoor spaces. Perfect for patios, courtyards or outdoor rooms, or to string from sturdy, protected trees!

Hanging Pendent Light

8. Solar Lights

Harness the power of the sun during the day, to light up your life at night. Nowadays, most outdoor lighting options offer a solar counterpart. Never underestimate the power of well-placed solar lights; even cost-effective garden lights found at department stores can mark pathways, light up pot plants or highlight steps in the ground level.

i-Build Solar Light - backyard lighting ideas

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9. Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting, or outdoor garden lights, can be used to highlight your landscaping elements at night. When done right, they create a somewhat mystical effect, allowing your garden to glow throughout the night.

Landscape Lighting

10. Torches and Candles

Perfect for mood lighting and natural spaces, the flicker of torches or candles add a sense of romance and depth to your space. Stylish candle holders and stands offer striking décor, whilst scented candles and oil burners add inviting aromas to the atmosphere.

Torches and Candles - backyard lighting ideas

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We hope you enjoyed these backyard lighting ideas.