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6 pool landscaping ideas

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As Australia’s backyard sizes shrink with the rise of duplexes and smaller land developments, are you stuck on pool landscaping ideas? Whether you’re envisaging a small plunge pool or the ultimate pool retreat, planning your landscape design is an essential part of any brilliant backyard.

6 Pool Landscaping Ideas | ModularWalls

Before taking the plunge with your backyard pool garden, form a plan to ensure you stay on track with your project:

  • What are you trying to achieve with your pool landscaping? (privacy, extension of the house, separate outdoor zone)
  • How will the area be used? (relaxation, entertaining, cooking, kids play area, pet area)
  • Are you a keen gardener or looking for a low maintenance garden?
  • What design aesthetic are you after? (Modern, Tropical, English Garden etc.)
  • What additions are needed? (pergola, deck, fencing, lighting, BBQ, dining table/chairs, sun lounges, umbrellas etc.)
  • Do you need council approval for any construction?
  • What is your total budget?

To help inspire a breath taking pool garden, from tropical gardens to Hamptons style, here are six garden landscaping ideas to kickstart your dream backyard pool area.

1. Tropical landscaping

Tropical Pool Ideas - VogueWall | ModularWalls

Tropical Garden Inspiration The Designory ( VogueWall & TrendWall)

Wherever you live in Australia, a tropical garden around your pool can help create a holiday atmosphere at home. Nothing says tropical more than palm trees, a pool and sun lounges (a cocktail with a little umbrella is optional!)

The Designory used a combination of tropical plants and natural elements such as timber and stone to create a luxurious and private outdoor oasis for guests at this Bryon Bay Villa. The lush green plants look vibrant against the dark coloured VogueWall, and with such an inviting pool to cool off in, who wouldn’t want to spend a relaxing holiday here!

2. Australian native landscaping

Australian Native Landscaping Ideas | ModularWalls

Native Australian Garden Inspiration (VogueWall)

Similarly, designing an Australian native garden for your pool area will not only look amazing, but the native wildlife will also love it. The beauty of native Australian plants is we know they are well suited to the harsh Australian conditions and are often drought resistant. (Always check with your local garden centre when choosing plants) 

Take inspiration from this Queensland home using sandstone for a natural retaining wall combined with grasses, ferns, shrubs and succulents. Additionally, the pergola offers much-needed shade from the Queensland climate, and combined with the timber deck; it creates an outdoor room to enjoy all year round. 

3. Hamptons style landscaping

Hamptons Style Pool Area | Three Birds Renovations House 11

Hamptons Style Garden Inspiration – Three Birds Renovations (VogueWall)

This home by Three Birds Renovations showcases how a Hamptons style makeover can transform a backyard into a sophisticated and timeless space to be enjoyed by the whole family. This Hamptons garden gives a resort-style feel by using turf, palm trees and well-positioned plants to create a symmetrical garden whilst complementing the colour palette. Additionally, the VogueWall offers privacy from neighbours. Plus, the privacy screen paint colour matches the house, giving an immediate connection between the two spaces. Lastly, the outdoor zones like the fire pit emphasise a resort feel, and the beautiful Hamptons décor completes the look. We think the family will enjoy this classic style for many years to come. S’mores anyone?

4. Modern pool landscaping

Elise and Matt Modern Pool Garden | ModularWalls

Modern Garden with Retaining Wall Inspiration – Elise & Matt DIY Pool Wall (VogueWall)

Without a doubt, Australian backyard landscaping has come a long way. If you’ve ever watched The Block, you will surely agree the backyards are beautiful, modern and awe-inspiring. So, when Elise and Matt, contestants from The Block in 2019, needed to tackle their pool landscaping and pool retaining wall, they were well placed to take on a DIY pool wall. Their inspiring low maintenance garden uses a light grey colour around the pool and white on the main pool feature wall and retaining wall. Plus, the glass pool fence complements the entire outdoor space giving a modern finish. 

Simultaneously, the beautiful large pot plants give a sophisticated modern look and a touch of colour. Lastly, you can’t go wrong with adding a patch of grass for the kids to play on. All things considered, Elise and Matt have created a stunning outdoor entertaining area and modern low maintenance garden to enjoy with the kids.

5. Green wall 

Green Wall - Vertical Garden | ModularWalls

Green Wall – Vertical Garden Inspiration (EstateWall)

Whether you create a green wall with faux plants, climbing plants, hedges, succulents, or bamboo, it can have a dramatic effect your garden. Plus, with a green wall or vertical garden, you can choose the size to suit your home. Choose from small panels to large circular, rectangle or square vertical feature gardens, or cover an entire wall. Lastly, if installing a green wall by your pool, choose succulents or evergreens – unless you like cleaning leaves out of the pool, of course!


6. Short on space garden

Santorini Pool Garden Inspiration

If you’re extremely short on space but are going ahead with an outdoor pool or spa, you don’t need to miss out on a garden. Take inspiration from the Greek Islands or Morocco and create your oasis with some well-positioned potted trees, palms or climbers. Think Bougainvillea or Olive trees to capture the essence of Santorini or large banana leaf palms for a Moroccan feel and a luxurious day bed. Bring the exotic to your place!

In any case, if you’re looking for pool landscaping ideas to create your outdoor dream space from scratch. Or you want to modernise your existing yard; a few small changes can have a significant impact. Then all you need to do is sit back and enjoy!

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