Elevate your outdoors: yard maintenance for every schedule

  • 4 minutes
  • 25 January 2024

Looking to create an outdoor space that’s the envy of neighbours and friends? Look no further: our complete guide to yard maintenance will ensure you can enjoy a well-kept space year-round.  

We’ve broken down yard maintenance into achievable tasks based on your available time, so you can enjoy a stunning outdoor space without sacrificing your weekends. 

Elise painting her VogueWall in white

Quick wins: easy tidy-ups in 15 minutes or less

Start small but impactful – keep your outdoor space fresh and odour-free by quickly washing your wheelie bins with a hose. A clean environment is a happy environment! 

Sweep away debris and dust from your deck and footpaths to create a welcoming outdoor space. A simple sweep can often make a noticeable difference. 

Creating a well-kept yard begins with a clean, swept path

Clean and prep: the foundations of yard maintenance – 30 minutes or less

Prep your BBQ for your next outdoor feast by scrubbing your grill and checking the gas. A clean BBQ not only improves cooking performance but also extends the life of your pride and joy! 

Take the time to clean and wipe down any outdoor furniture. Depending on the materials, a quick hose-down can often make a world of difference. If you have fabric coverings, use a sponge and mild detergent to keep your furniture in tip-top shape.   

A quick tip to elevate the exterior of your home is to tackle any pesky cobwebs. Use a long-handled broom or brush attachment and tackle those hard-to-reach areas. A clean, cobweb-free exterior ensures your outdoor spaces appear well-kept and inviting.  

Clean outdoor furniture makes a big difference to the overall appearance of your yard

Inspections for success: yard maintenance tasks in 45 minutes or less

Take the time to inspect any outdoor lighting: do any batteries or globes need replacing? While you’re at it, now is the time to check garden hoses for leaks to preserve water and prevent unnecessary expenses.  

Guard against potential issues by inspecting your roof. Catching any leaks, missing shingles, or damage early can save you from more significant problems in the future.   

Regularly inspecting outdoor lights and pergolas means a well-maintained yard

Luscious landscaping: an hour or less

Maintaining your garden area pays off, with immediate visible results Firstly, dig out your pruning shears and gardening gloves, and get weeding! Enjoy a polished, manicured outdoor space by keeping your garden beds weed-free. Plus, a quick weeding session ensures plants have the space and nutrients they need to flourish.  

Yard maintenance doesn't need to take the whole weekend.

Secondly, now is the time to shape any hedges and greenery to promote healthy growth.  

Lastly, invest in the ongoing health of your lawn with a precise mow – and if time permits, why not aerate your lawn? Your grass will thank you!  

A manicured lawn is a great addition to any yard

Yard maintenance: rejuvenate your space in just a few hours

Cleaning your ModularWalls fence or wall will ensure a long-lasting, uniform result. To maintain your wall, we recommend a hose, a soft cloth or a paintbrush to go over any visible marks 

Maintaining a ModularWalls fence is a great way to elevate your outdoor space

Protect and enhance the appearance of your deck with a fresh coat of stain or paint. Start by sweeping away any debris, then scrub the decking surface with a brush and a mild detergent solution to remove embedded dirt and grime. Then, apply a couple of coats of your preferred timber coating to protect the surface – and voila, a renewed deck is yours to enjoy.  

Clearing gutters and downpipes might not be the most glamorous yard maintenance task, but remember, a well-maintained drainage system is crucial for a healthy home. Guard against water damage (and potential future expenses) by clearing out gutters and downpipes regularly.    

Yard maintenance requires planning and effort but the results pay off

So fresh, so clean: 2-3 hour yard maintenance tasks

Consider a good pressure clean if you have a few hours to spare. Pressure cleaning your driveway, deck and patio will immediately revitalise outdoor surfaces for a fresh result.  

Consider extending your focus to your exterior windows and flyscreens to promote mood-boosting natural light for the home’s interior (and to reveal a sparkling, clean exterior!) 

A fresh coat of paint works wonders. Elise painting her VogueWall.

A fresh coat of paint always works wonders. Repainting your ModularWalls fence or wall enhances the overall appearance of your outdoor space. High-pressure water cleaners are an excellent way to clean your wall before repainting, and a fresh coat of paint will immediately brighten your yard.  

After re-painting your ModularWalls solution, it’s time to address any paint imperfections outside your home to maintain your property’s aesthetic. 

Yard maintenance is very satisfying. White daybed on back verandah - Three Birds Renovations House 13

Elevating your outdoor space is easier than you think

With this comprehensive yard maintenance guide tailored to your schedule, maintaining an aesthetic, pristine outdoor space has never been more achievable. From quick touch-ups to half-day transformations, each task will contribute to the longevity and appearance of your outdoor haven.  

Now, go ahead and enjoy the fruits of your maintenance efforts – an elevated, well-kept yard!