What is a post and panel fence?

  • 4 minutes
  • 1 June 2023

A post and panel fence consists of a series of posts and panels that simply slot together to form a durable, solid structure. To build the fence, concrete the posts into the ground at regular intervals and slide the purpose-made panels into the posts. It’s a fast, simple and highly cost-effective way to build a fence.

Lightweight but tough

The beauty of a post and panel fence system is that the individual components are light and easy to handle. However, thanks to ModularWalls’ clever mix of materials, the fence is tough and strong once it’s all slotted together.

The posts are made from either galvanised high-tensile steel or aluminium, to withstand a range of environmental conditions. For example, aluminium posts are rust-resistant, making them a great option for pool fencing. The AcoustiMax panels feature durable fibre cement outer skins, laminated to a lightweight EPS core. The panels are either 50mm or 75mm thick and available in several sizes, and two people can easily lift them into place.

Shayna Blaze's post and panel fence

Shaynna Blaze Country Home Rescue

The benefits of a ModularWalls post and panel fence

A ModularWalls fence delivers the same look and feel as a rendered brick wall, but without the expense and hassle. And the innovative post and panel fence system also offers countless benefits.

In terms of construction, one advantage is that ModularWalls don’t require strip footings like brick walls do. When building a post and panel fence, you only need to dig a hole for each post. This alone delivers massive savings: no need to hire builders and bricklayers or pay for expensive digging machinery. Once the posts are up and cured, just slide the panels in and then paint it the colour of your choice. So it’s much faster and less labour-intensive than building a brick wall.

In addition, you can install a post and panel fence almost anywhere. This includes areas with limited or tricky access, or where digging long foundations isn’t an option. And thanks to its streamlined nature, you can install a ModularWalls panel and post fence right on your boundary line. This means more useable space in your garden.

Another reason to choose a post and panel fence is durability. The AcoustiMax and TerraFirm panels are termite-resistant and will not rot, warp or corrode. Plus, the post system allows for ground movement, so the wall won’t crack over time.

VogueWall boundary wall

What is a post and panel fence used for?

ModularWalls offers a post and panel fence solution to suit every outdoor requirement and architectural style. The components are available in different heights and thicknesses, so you can design a fence to meet your needs. In addition, they allow for complete customisation.

Another bonus is that ModularWalls offers a range of purpose-designed styles. Each style suits different applications, from retaining walls to pool walls, privacy and screening. And because they’re completely customisable, you can achieve a high-end designer look with decorative infills, lighting, tiles or stone cladding.

EsateWall with stone cladding - Three Birds Renovations House 13

Three Birds Renovations House 13 Front wall using EstateWall with stone cladding

So, when it comes to enhancing the look and functionality of your garden, the possibilities are endless with ModularWalls. For example:

  • Create a grand first impression and amp up the street appeal with an EstateWall front wall.
  • Transform your garden into a quiet, private oasis with a VogueWall or TrendWall boundary wall.
  • For sloped DIY terracing and retaining walls, use a post and panel solution incorporating our TerraFirm
  • SlimWall delivers ModularWalls’ excellent acoustic properties in a streamlined profile. This versatile option makes the perfect backdrop for any outdoor area and is an especially popular choice for pool areas.

Overall, a post and panel fence is cost-effective, easy to install and easy on the eye. It’s the perfect way to add privacy and style to your home.