Our top tips: total backyard remodel

  • 4 minutes
  • 14 March 2024

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space with a total backyard remodel? We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to assist you on this exciting journey that will not only enhance the look of your space but also add value to your property. Backyard bliss is just around the corner! 

No matter your brief, a backyard remodel will immediately rejuvenate your outdoor space

1. Start with the basics

First things first, before you dive into the exciting world of backyard remodelling, it’s essential to cover the basics. Start by engaging a surveyor to complete a comprehensive survey. Then, speak with your local Council to confirm any local rules and regulations that may influence your backyard remodel.  

A sunken lounge room provides a space to relax outdoors

2. Create a clear brief for your backyard remodel

Firstly, it’s time to clarify your brief. Consider whether you need to engage an architect or draftsperson or whether you will limit backyard remodel to cosmetic changes. Will you need to engage any professional trades to create your dream backyard, or will this be a solely DIY affair? 

Secondly, what look and feel do you wish to create in your backyard? Are you hoping to craft a resort-style oasis, or are you seeking something sleeker and more contemporary? Now is the time to start creating mood boards and gathering inspiration from websites like Pinterest.   

Thirdly, think about both your current needs and future plans. Do you envision a space where your kids can play freely, or do you want to build a pool to add value to your property?

Lastly, no matter your goals for your backyard remodel, factors like durability, maintenance, and longevity should be high on your priority list. If you’re a keen, house-proud gardener, you might be more suited to a high-maintenance backyard, while others might choose lower-maintenance options.

A wood-fire pizza oven is a high priority for many when undertaking a backyard remodel

3. Construct the perfect backdrop

Now, let’s talk about the perfect canvas for your backyard masterpiece – outdoor walls and fences. Our comprehensive range of residential solutions means there’s a ModularWall that’s right for you. With numerous customisation and finishing options, you can create the ideal backdrop that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space and provides privacy and security.


An outdoor shower provides functional style

4. Get the foundations right

Armed with a clear brief and an understanding of local regulations, it’s time for the fun stuff. Do you wish to add elements to your backyard? A new patio or a decking extension may grant you added usable space. Alternatively, elements like an outdoor kitchen or a basketball court are an investment into the long-term enjoyment of your space.    

A basketball court can provide hours of outdoor enjoyment

5. Select your optional extras

Now, it’s time to consider the nice-to-haves – those extra touches that will take your backyard to the next level.  

Just imagine nights spent by your outdoor fire pit, enjoying mouthwatering wood-fired pizzas courtesy of your backyard pizza oven.  If fire isn’t your thing, or you live by the coast, why not consider installing an outdoor shower or water feature to promote a sense of tranquillity within your backyard? 

A firepit is a focal area for a backyard remodel

6. Add life and personality with landscaping

Considered landscaping will undoubtedly elevate your backyard area. No matter your budget or appetite for ongoing maintenance, there’s a landscaping style that’s right for you.  

Aim to add texture and contrast with your planting choices by selecting different species. If your backyard has retaining walls, a fail-safe method to add depth and interest is by choosing cascading plants.

Otherwise, consider options like a vertical garden to maximise space and add greenery to your outdoor sanctuary.

A vertical garden adds depth and colour to any backyard

7. Integrate lighting to pass the vibe check

Clever lighting design will maximise the hours you can spend outdoors and assist in creating the ideal ambience for outdoor entertaining. For those long summer nights spent under the stars, integrate lighting within your ModularWalls wall or fence. 

Integrated lighting will add ambience and atmosphere

8. Curate the finishing touches for your backyard remodel

Finally, it’s time to add the styling elements that will tie everything together. Perhaps it’s time to invest in new outdoor seating or an oversized umbrella for shade and style. These final details inject a sense of charm and personality to create a backyard that’s truly your own.  

Styling and furniture are the finishing touches for a backyard remodel

A total backyard remodel for a fresh take on your space

Are you ready to embark on your backyard remodel journey? At ModularWalls, we know outdoor transformations, and with our top tips, creating your dream backyard area has never been easier.