10 ways to customise your modular wall

  • 5 minutes
  • 27 April 2018

Minimalist can still be personalised; customised can still be simple. Check out these 10 ways to customise your modular wall to reflect your home’s unique style!

ModularWalls’ product options

Did you know that our wall styles offer different product design options for their wall styles? Simply let your sales consultant know your preferred aesthetic and they can refine your wall design for you!

Expressed Joints

Our walls are designed with Standard Joints by default, which offer minimal visibility.

However, Expressed Joints can be used to create a distinct design feature and bring lineal structure to your wall.

Which wall styles offer Expressed Joints?

SlimWall with express joints | Acoustic Fencing | Acoustic Fence Panels

External post tops

Flush post tops, as the name suggests, sit flush with post to create a sleek, modern look.

External post tops, on the other hand, extrude from the post to create a boxed finish, which is perfect for those who are after a more traditional or classical design.

Which wall styles offer External post tops?

Modular Gate provides a modern fence design

External wall capping

Similarly to the post tops, Flush wall capping simply caps the panel tightly, offering a clean, simple finish when you customise your modular wall.

By swapping these with External wall capping, you can instead create a boxed effect that is perfect for picture frame fencing! External wall capping is also recommended for anyone looking to tile their panels, to adequately cover the edge of the tiles and frame the finished aesthetic.

Which wall styles offer External wall capping?

VogueWall with External Wall Capping

ModularWalls retaining panels (TerraFirm)

This customisation is an absolute game-changer for sloping blocks or uneven land.

By integrating our retaining panels into the bottom layer of your wall design, you can incorporate a sophisticated retaining solution in one single, seamless solution. Since they have the exact same panel surface as our standard wall/fence panels (AcoustiMax), they’re basically invisible from either side of the wall!

Which wall styles can incorporate retaining panels?

  • SlimWall (retains up to 500mm soil,  2.5kPa surcharge live loads. Not available with Aluminium posts.)
  • TrendWall (retains up to 750mm soil,  2.5kPa surcharge live loads.)
  • VogueWall (retains up to 750mm soil,  2.5kPa surcharge live loads.)
  • EstateWall (retains up to 750mm soil,  2.5kPa surcharge live loads.)

EstateWall integrated and standalone retaining wall

Integrate your own customisations

If you’d like to take your customisations one step further, it’s also incredibly easy to integrate your own customisation elements (i.e. sourced separately) into our ModularWalls. Browse the options below!

1. Alternating colour schemes

Can’t pick a colour? Why not pick a few!?
An alternating paint colour scheme can create a dramatic gradient that turns a regular, old fence into a stunning feature fence, like this DIY pool fence featured above.

2. Tiling

Feature tiles are having a moment…and we are all about it.
Whack a stunning tile onto your panels, frame with External wall capping, finish it all off with a clean, Flush post top and you can recreate the stunning front wall from Three Birds Renovations!

3. Stack stone and cladding

Love the look of traditional masonry?
Clad your posts in stack stone, tile your panels in marble pavers or add single feature tiles to embrace the texture of stone within your ModularWalls design!

EsateWall with stone cladding - Three Birds Renovations House 13

4. Let there be lights

Lighting can transform a space, bringing a sense of romance and magic to your outdoor area. It can also help soften spaces that don’t allow for any foliage; the perfect addition to small spaces!

VogueWall with lights

5. Slot in some slats

Slats are one of the most common ways to customise your modular wall.
Aluminium slats provide a sleek, long-lasting option, whilst timber brings a natural element to the structure. Find out how to install slats into your modular wall today!

6. Laser-cut screens

Not into slats? Choose something a bit more detailed, like laser-cut screens.
This striking home in Thornlands, QLD utilised decorative screens within their wall to complement their grand home design, creating a truly impressive entry.

VogueWall with lasercut infills

7. Timber infills

Design trends have completely embraced the mix of earthy, raw materials. Add some texture to your modular wall with timber infills.
The smooth, cementitious panels against the raw timber infills will create a rich textural contrast and bring some tactile interest to the space.

8. Wrought iron fence detailing

Classical design elements hold a timeless beauty.
This customised modular wall with wrought iron embellishments, lantern lights and custom sandstone caps provided a harmonised aesthetic with the rest of their home.

9. Letterboxes

Letterboxes are the perfect (and necessary!) accessory for front walls and fences.
Whether you’re using a steel ModularWalls letterbox, or sourcing your own, you can find out how to install it within your modular wall here.

VogueWall with integrated letterbox

10. Vertical gardens and wall planters

Embrace a space efficient, low maintenance opportunity for foliage by creating your own green wall! Use trellis wire, climbers, wall planters or frames to create a lush vertical garden.
Read our guide to correctly fixing items to panels here. For planting heavy or strong climbers, such as wisteria, we’d recommend planting them at the base of the posts, rather than in the centre of the panels.

The possibilities are endless; never before has one fence held so much potential for creativity.