Design Trend – Outdoor Feature Tiles

  • 3 minutes
  • 18 June 2019

Herringbone and basketweave and fish scale, oh my! For this month’s design trend, we’re diving into the enchanting world of outdoor feature tiles and where they can be used in your backyard!

Tiled EstateWall | Three Birds House 10 | Feature walls

Pool tiling ideas

If your pool area could use a bit of character, consider adding outdoor feature tiles somewhere in the design. The key message for this project? Less is more. Take a single element and make it pop – waterline tiling, steps, tanning ledges or the coping all offer an easy-to-access opportunity for feature tiles. Mosaic and structured geometric patterns look great against the solid blue of the pool water.

Tiling the bottom of a pool can also be a dramatic design feature; especially for angular pool shapes, such as shipping container pools. However, this is a far more costly and labour-intensive project, as it would require completely emptying and refilling the pool, and is dependant of the material and curves of your pool shell.

Water fountain

The sight and sound of water it a proven stress reliever; as such, water features have become a highly sought after feature since backyards have become our private sanctuary of tranquillity. It’s also a perfect opportunity for some striking tile work!

Primarily made popular by Moroccan-inspired tile designs, you can choose your own aesthetic by adapting the tile choice for your style.

Outdoor shower

You brought the shower outside; why not the tiling? To add a bit more flair to your open-air shower area, tile the floor, splash back or privacy screen; or all three! This is also the perfect opportunity to have some fun with fish scale tile shapes…

Three Birds EstateWall

Tiled flooring

Create clear direction and an organic flow with an elegant runway of feature floor tiles! This can be with a path that winds around your garden and links different living zones, or a more linear runway to or from a doorway, such as your front entrance. For larger expanses, opt for a more subtle pattern to avoid it overpowering the overall aesthetic.

Alternatively, bring significance to an outdoor meeting place by tiling the floor beneath it so that it become a focal point for your backyard; this could include patios, outdoor rooms, courtyards or pergolas.

Feature tiles on staircases

Take an average staircase and make an artwork out of it! Whether you have a full flight or a couple of steps, adding tiles along the risers adds a unique touch. This is where you can really have fun with bold, striking patterns and mosaics!

For extra wow-factor, install strip lighting along the edge of the steps to show off the tiles at night.

Outdoor kitchen splash back

Building an outdoor kitchen? Add some flavour to your al fresco cusina with a tiled splash back!

This idea brings a rich aesthetic that contrasts deliciously against the lush foliage of counter top herb gardens and metallic tap ware. A basket weave or herringbone tiling pattern adds a rustic charm, a strip of patterned tiles offers a more exotic look.

A wall of outdoor feature tiles

Create a breath taking focal point in your outdoor space with the help of outdoor feature tiles! Stick to a single tile design or combine various patterns and shapes for a truly intricate and creative feature wall.

When customising your modular boundary wall, consider making one of the bays a tiled feature! By using the robust posts of VogueWall or EstateWall and External wall capping, you can create a clean frame for your tiled artwork.