Design Trend – Outdoor Kitchens

  • 3 minutes
  • 6 April 2018

Outdoor kitchens are fast becoming a ‘must have’ for modern homes and backyards. And it’s easy to understand why. Who wouldn’t want to embrace indoor-outdoor living and spend more time outdoors?

Things to consider when designing outdoor kitchens

We’ve compiled several inspiring outdoor kitchens from sleek BBQ areas, luxe cooking corners, and pizza ovens to help plan and design your ideal space.

Proximity to the kitchen

Make life easier by positioning your outdoor kitchen close to your actual kitchen.

This way, your preparation won’t be burdened with long walks through your house to retrieve extra utensils or spur-of-the-moment ingredient additions. A successful indoor-outdoor layout flows easily.

VogueWall The Designory Indoor Outdor Living

The Designory – Barefoot Bay Villa

Design outdoor kitchens for all weather conditions

Outdoor kitchens are best-positioned undercover. This way, your al fresco cooking plans are less likely to be cancelled due to a persistent drizzle or the scorching sun. Plus, it’ll be easier to maintain your appliances and furniture if they aren’t entirely open to the elements.

SlimWall boundary wall provides privacy for the outdoor kitchen and pool area

Outdoor kitchens and seating go hand in hand

The options for outdoor seating seem never-ending. Choose between chairs, benches, stools, outdoor sofas and daybeds. So, when choosing which option best suits your space, remember how you want to use the area.

Perhaps you prefer formal seating. Or you may want sunken seating around a fireplace to create a casual campfire experience. Don’t be afraid to play around with your seating design; remember to use cushions to make it a comfortable space.

SlimWall boundary wall


Is your outdoor kitchen strictly for dining purposes, or do you want to create a complete entertaining area? In your designs, decide if and where you’d like audio speakers, lights, TV screens, lounging areas, water features or wall art, bars or fire pits.

For example, if creating a whole entertaining area, ensure you leave space to cook without being cramped. 

Outdoor Kitchen and dining area with privacy created with a SlimWall pool wall

Small outdoor kitchens

You don’t need a huge backyard to reap the benefits of an outdoor kitchen. A BBQ and table and chairs may be all you need to entertain family and friends and enjoy a meal together. 

Electric, gas or wood-fire?

Ask yourself, what does outside cooking mean to you? 

Would you like a rustic outdoor kitchen that utilises flame? Or would you rather have a modern kitchenette with gas or induction stove tops? Each option will offer a drastically different design, budget and cooking experience.

Three Birds Renovations House 13 - Privacy Screen with premium aesthetics helps create an outdoor kitchen

Three Birds Renovations House 13 — Read the Case Study

Edible gardens

If there was a perfect reason to grow an edible garden, it’s to experience farm-to-fork in your own backyard.

It’s the ultimate foodie’s delight. Pluck fresh basil and plump tomatoes for pasta and pizza. Add rosemary sprigs to Sunday spit roasts; wrap bunches of dill and chives with your fish parcels for an aromatic seafood dish. 

Lastly, outdoor kitchens with a sleek boundary wall or screen create private, secure, entertaining spaces — eliminating the worry about being too noisy for your neighbours! We hope these outdoor kitchens inspire you to create your outdoor masterpiece.