Design Trend – Shipping Container Pools

  • 3 minutes
  • 4 October 2018

Shipping containers have been a huge trend in alternative home designs, with architects turning cold, metal boxes into warm, luxurious houses. But that’s not the only place where these containers are making a splash; low and behold, shipping container pools!

Following the angular, clean lines of contemporary pool designs, they are similar to lap pools, but a whole lot funkier. Without further ado, here are some genius ways to create a luxe pool area out of these industrial giants!

Cantilevered swimming pool

The most stunning pool application we’ve seen using shipping containers is the cantilevered pool. Also known as a hanging pool, they often jut out from a higher storey of a building, offering a walk-up entry and leading to a sheer drop at the other end. Perfect for split level homes on steep or sloping blocks, these pool designs offer a dramatic ‘infinity edge’ experience to your pool.

Inground pool

Container pools can also be installed at ground level to achieve a traditional swimming pool aesthetic. With this design, just remember that whatever costs you may be saving with a shipping container design, may be spent on the inground installation!

Above ground pool

Another popular shipping container pool design is the standard above ground pool. Decide if your container will be clad, tiled, decked or connected at all to the house, ensuring that all local compliances are also met. Remember, the more ‘industrial’ you leave it, the cheaper it’ll be!

Customised decking and pool linings

If you’ve got the extra money, this is where you can really create some shape with your pool. With your decking, you can build an entire pool area with steps, seating, lounge areas, umbrellas or shade structures. Pool linings can also include additional pool features, from seats, to tanning ledges, to swim up bars! For a truly holistic swimming experience, you can even section one end off for a hot tub.

Viewing window

Glass edge pools offer a unique peek into the world of underwater play; so why not incorporate this feature into your above ground pool? Some companies supply custom shipping container pools with a glass viewing window already built in!

Approvals & engineering

Brainstorming your new pool design is incredibly fun, but don’t forget to check in with council and a qualified engineer to ensure your pool is safe and compliant! Obtain approvals and specific engineering to ensure it’s water tight, strong enough and has the right foundations, before any actual purchases.

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