European summer backyard ideas

  • 3 minutes
  • 16 August 2023

They say no one celebrates summer like Europeans. We’ve got European summer backyard ideas to suit all tastes and styles! Whether you prefer the minimalist styles of Mediterranean Spain or the classic elegance of the French chateau, you must admit, they know a thing or two about outdoor design.

Embrace your joie de vivre and look to our friends across the globe for inspiration.

Use outdoor zoning to your advantage

Create zones in your outdoor spaces by using ModularWalls to create an outdoor Feature wall or privacy screens. Three Birds House 14 illustrates how clever outdoor design can create an outdoor space optimised for relaxation and enjoyment.

Use outdoor zoning to create a backyard that feels like a European summer vacation

Embrace customisation for European summer flair

Recognised for creating the most exquisite architecture, Europeans are known for their attention to detail. Adding external post caps to ModularWalls gives a distinctly European flair, executed perfectly at Keilor Farmhouse.

Customising EstateWall with external post caps gives a distinctly European flair

Choose minimalism

Take a cue from the chic island of Ibiza by embracing minimalism in your backyard. Create a sense of tranquillity and sophistication by sticking to a modern colour palette with a select few neutral colours. Plus, this is the perfect way to make your landscaping pop!

A minimalist colour palette perfectly suits this Ibiza-inspired backyard

Install an outdoor shower for resort-style living

Not only are outdoor showers functional, but they can also provide a statement focal point to draw the eye.  An outdoor shower adds a touch of European summer and serves as a refreshing addition to beat the Australian summer heat.

An outdoor shower area featuring gold tapware and feature tiles to make a statement

Design an intimate sunken lounge

A sunken lounge area nods to the sophisticated beachside restaurants of Greece and assists in creating zones for enjoyment in a large outdoor space. Style with some plush cushions, and voila – you now have the ideal place to spend a warm summer afternoon.

A sunken lounge area, reminiscent of the European summer

Alfresco enjoyment, unforgettable gatherings

Nothing screams European summer more than a long lunch enjoyed alfresco. Create the perfect atmosphere for unforgettable summer gatherings by incorporating an indoor-outdoor kitchen or serving area.

An alfresco kitchen area

European styling: the finishing touch

Style your outdoor space with savoir-faire by embracing the classic combination of navy and white. First made famous by the French navy, this quintessential colour palette is timeless, and when paired with sculptures and pool toys, the result is tres chic.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of Ibiza vibes or the timeless charm of classic French chateaus, there’s a European summer style to suit your taste. So, it’s time to elevate your outdoor space and celebrate summer in true European fashion!